Sunday, September 28, 2008


I wanted to share a story about Laiken and Jack, it is really sweet. We had just arrived to football practice, but did not get out of the car right away. (Dylan was on the field.) I had picked up my Avon order from Jody and was looking at the new book. Laiken was watching a movie and Jack was sleeping. The main reason we stayed in the car was for Jack to catch a short nap. He woke up, I spoke to him. Then Laiken noticed he was up, she said, "hands Jack." He took her hand and then jerked it back. She said, "hold hands Jack" And as if he knew what she said, he held her hand. Laiken said, "Aww, She really loves me!" (Laiken distinguishes boys and girls but not he's and she's, she always says "she" for Jack) I thought it was precious. Funny how much they love each other.

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