Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love my kids!!

As I wrestled bubbles away from Jack, he threw his body back and arched his back; all while screaming his head off. I kept my cool. When he quit screaming I asked him if I could trade him in for a new baby. He said "nome". Which means "no m'am". Laiken threw her arms up and said "we can't get anymore new babies, anymore!" LOL They are both right. Mama doesn' t really want a new Jack. And definitely no new babies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last weekend a building in our complex caught on fire. No one was hurt but the building and the personal property of 12 families was lost. It is a reminder of how precious each day is. We are blessed with each day. It is so easy with three children to take things for granted, and to "just make it" through some days. I am blessed to be able to spend each day with my children. And we are so fortunate to have the things we have. I am trying hard to remember that every day now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The picture you don't get to see.....

This is Laiken at the pool. Leigh and Dylan are swimming in the pool. Jack is walking around. He is flirting with all the ladies at the pool. He wanders from one to the other laying out in their lawn chairs, letting them hold him in the pool, talking to other kids, and sometimes grabbing abandoned pool toys and throwing them in. He is being reasonably good and has made a few buddies, I thought I would seize the moment and lay out. After laying out a bit, I got brave and untied my top (to get rid of that pesky tanline around the neck). Jack wanders over to me and picks up my keys. I am watching him. He just walks around my chair "fixing things", playing with the keys. (bear in mind my keyring holds the keyless entry to my car and the apartment complex gate remote, which you are told at the time of sign in that a replacement is $75 dollars.) I am sure everyone can see where this story is going....The picture you don't get to see is the one where Jack is standing at the end of my lawn chair with me laying and my top still untied...He turns around and takes off for the water...fully intending on throwing my keys in the pool like all the abandoned toys he threw in all afternoon! I grab my top, press it to my chest to keep everything in or at least covered, catch him and wrestle him to the ground for my keys. I win. Back to the chair to tie my top. I scanned the pool to see how many spectators we attracted.... two of his new female buddies were giggling and one said, "that was so funny". Yes, Yes it was thank- you.

All good things must end....

Leigh spent the past two weeks with us on "vacation". Mom and Dad came the last weekend of May to visit and leave Leigh to stay with us. We had a great time visiting with them. When it came time for them to leave, I got the feeling Leigh was not sure about staying. She made several comments about how loud we are. She is just not used to being around so many kids for such a long period of time. I promised her we are not always that loud. She always had fun with the babies, but always seemed relieved at nap times and bedtimes. She spent alot of time bonding with Dylan. They played playstation and watched movies together. Later in the second week she commented on how Dylan was attached to her hip. LOL I'm sure mama can relate to that comment.The first week was cloudy the first few days, so we stayed indoors and rested. One evening, after Trey came home, me and Leigh went to see a movie. Leigh chose Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It was such a funny movie. I can't remember the last time I went with her to see a movie. It was a much needed bonding time for us. We spent the rest of the week at the pool. That weekend Lil, Sean, Hayden, and Abigail came to visit. We all went to the pool on Friday. Hayden and Laiken had so much fun swimming together. That night we ate a Japanese buffet restaurant. It was amazing. We all tried so many things we have never eaten before. I tried octopus salad and fried squid. I even fed the fried squid to Laiken and Jack. They loved it. Dylan and Leigh wouldn't try anything new, they were no fun. And I apologize to Sean, but that man can EAT! He ate about ten sushi plates. He ate and ate and ate. I don't know where he even put it all. It was like something you see on tv. Too funny. But he got Trey to try sushi! That was just amazing. He has always told me he would never, never eat raw fish. I'm proud he has become so open minded. The next day Lil and her family went to New Orleans to sight see, and we went back to the pool. They went home on Sunday. It was a short, but really nice visit. Its hard to believe how fast the babies grow. Leigh wanted to go to the pool as much as she could while she was here. We planned to go the entire last week she was staying. Unfortunately, we ended up confined indoors with Jack having a virus (fever and terrible rash), and my eye being cut (something got in and scratched it, which led to a $50 after hours visit, $35 dollar eye cream, swelling, oozing, pain, frustrated crying, all kinds of other unpleasantness). Wednesday, we were back at the pool. Leigh was happy again. That night, for supper I made chicken quesadillas and earned the "Favorite Sister Award" I was very pleased to accept it. I was trying hard to make sure she was having a good time. I was glad to know she is happy and comfortable here with me and my loud family. Sadly, though, all good things must come to an she went home. I think she was ready to go, but was already talking about when she is coming back. We met mom halfway at a rest stop just outside of Jackson. I could tell Leigh was happy to see her when mama got out of the car. It was a sweet moment. Tuesday is Leigh's 33rd bday. Since we are not going to be in Southaven to celebrate with her, I wanted to do something special before she left. So I brought a chocolate cake with a big green 33 written on it, to our park picnic. We had sandwiches and chips, sang happy birthday to Leigh, and had cake. It was so nice. We packed up our stuff and they drove off and I started buckling babies in. I had to scream out to mom to come back, I forgot to give her Leigh's insurance card. She came back, then left again. I cranked the car, the radio starts to play the new Hannah Montana cd Leigh bought at Walmart Friday. I called mama and asked her to wait at next exit. I drove up, parked behind her, got out with cd in hand. As I gave it to her, I asked Leigh if I was still the favorite sister?? I took care of her, while she was here and even as she was leaving. We had a really good time together. It was a terrific two weeks.