Saturday, June 13, 2009

The picture you don't get to see.....

This is Laiken at the pool. Leigh and Dylan are swimming in the pool. Jack is walking around. He is flirting with all the ladies at the pool. He wanders from one to the other laying out in their lawn chairs, letting them hold him in the pool, talking to other kids, and sometimes grabbing abandoned pool toys and throwing them in. He is being reasonably good and has made a few buddies, I thought I would seize the moment and lay out. After laying out a bit, I got brave and untied my top (to get rid of that pesky tanline around the neck). Jack wanders over to me and picks up my keys. I am watching him. He just walks around my chair "fixing things", playing with the keys. (bear in mind my keyring holds the keyless entry to my car and the apartment complex gate remote, which you are told at the time of sign in that a replacement is $75 dollars.) I am sure everyone can see where this story is going....The picture you don't get to see is the one where Jack is standing at the end of my lawn chair with me laying and my top still untied...He turns around and takes off for the water...fully intending on throwing my keys in the pool like all the abandoned toys he threw in all afternoon! I grab my top, press it to my chest to keep everything in or at least covered, catch him and wrestle him to the ground for my keys. I win. Back to the chair to tie my top. I scanned the pool to see how many spectators we attracted.... two of his new female buddies were giggling and one said, "that was so funny". Yes, Yes it was thank- you.

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