Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We love the beach!

Our first trip to Mom and Dad's new Beach House in Gulfshores, AL! We had a blast! The kids loved the beach. Especially the sand, which they felt the adults were not enjoying near enough. They were sure to share the sand with us every chance they got, by ways of kicking, throwing, and shoveling sand in our direction (but only when we weren't looking). Trey's mom came to stay a day with us at the beach. The kids love seeing her. Gran Gran stood for over an hour with Jack on the porch counting bullfrogs in the lagoon. She loves playing with the grandkids and watching them play.
Uncle Brian, Landon, and Payton stayed at the beach house too, along with Mom and Leigh. Uncle Brian was a life saver the whole trip. He hauled our two tons of beach stuff on and off the beach, took kids in the water to play, caught fish for the kids, took them crab hunting at night, and even gave me a private session of his "Grocery Shopping Savings 101". (I should have been taking notes on that last one). Mom and Dad's house is amazing! It is so gorgeous, and spacious. The bottom floor is wall to wall french doors with an amazing view of the bay. The community they live in is so beautifully landscaped and seemed to be filled with friendly people. The right side of the porch that faces the lagoon (and it is gorgeous too, filled with bullfrogs and lily pads) has a gated part that was probably for the past owner's dog to stay in. After a few jokes about locking the kids in the gate, we came up with the idea of building a fort for the kids to play in. With the gate already there, all it needs is a canopy like the one you see over swing sets. I know my kids and they would love it!
This is Brynley sleeping in a tent at the beach.
This is Brynley sleeping on MawMaw's bed at the beach house.
This is Brynley sleeping on MawMaw's bed again, at the beach house.
Brynley loved Gulfshores. Mostly she loved sleeping at Gulfshores.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The First Week

Trey was given two additional days off to spend with Brynley. The guys marked it on the calendar in the office at work for everyone to see. Notice the pink flowers and "Maternity" leave. How cute! Brynley had jaundice the first week. She was put on a Billiblanket to help bring down her levels. She looked like a little gloworm in her bassinet. After a few days her levels should have come down, but for some reason they were staying high. "Some Reason" really means "Jack". At birth he was given the monumental task of creating a daily challenge for me. He keeps me on my toes for sure. On two different occasions I noticed that the dial on the front of her billiblanket machine had been turned all the way down from maximum to minimum. Once I saw this and was able to keep it on high, her jaundice levels came down to a normal level. Thanks Jack, we were out of network for the blanket and you just cost me about $300!!! God love him! I also wanted to thank everyone for doing so much for me. I have had family come over and clean my house, help with the kids, and cook us suppers. It was wonderful to have the support from everyone. I also want to thank my good friend Hillary for bringing us a delicious supper/breakfast. It was so sweet for her to think of us, and not only to bring Tetrazzini, garlic bread, and pie....But she brought cinnamon rolls for the next morning too!!! Thanks so much Hillary, we all enjoyed it very much! Trey was jealous, and I have to say he really did miss out. I was thoroughly impressed! So I have to close with one more story about my sweet angel baby Jack. Mom came over one day to help us out with something. I was nursing the baby in the living room, so I sent Laiken to open the garage. I hear it start to go up and Mom starts yelling, "Stop it, stop it, stop it". I run out to see what is going on. Jack had grabbed the bottom of the garage as it was going up. He was hanging on the garage door all the way up! When it finally stopped, he was hanging in mid air, clutching the garage for dear life (my baby is scared of heights). When Mama saw him go up she ran up the driveway (which has a really steep incline) and saved him. I am not sure what was funnier, Jack riding the garage all the way up or Mama (who has knee trouble) running/hobbling up the steep drive way to save him. I can laugh about it now, but it gave me a heart attack the day it happened. Just another day in Paradise.....

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Sweet Pea!!

Brynley Ryan Walker
2 days old
2 weeks old
It's amazing how much you can love someone you just met. She is my Sweet Pea and definitely makes my heart smile!