Thursday, June 24, 2010

She is older than she looks...

Laiken will be turning 4 years old on July 6th. She is old enough to begin attending a preschool. I have started talking to her about school to see if she is ready to start. She has always been with me since she was born. Aside from the two nights she stayed with Aunt Lisa when Jack was born, the one night she spent with MawMaw, a few times hanging out with Gran Gran, and the two times she stayed at Delainey's house all day to play, she has spent all of her time with me and Jack. I love my kids and I spend all of my time with them. I rarely go anywhere my kids cannot go, so why not take them with me. Jack is happy this way. He gets upset when I leave and is so excited when I return. My little man still needs me. Laiken, on the other hand, loves when I am not there. It makes her feel grown up and independent. She is in love with the idea of going to school. She has been talking about it nonstop since I mentioned it to her. She talks about the friends she will make, the things they will do at school, and mostly she talks about me and Jack not being there at school with her. I just smile and nod my head. I am glad she is ready because I am not. Yesterday she told me that she will ride the bus to school. That is where I drew the line. No. She is too young to ride a school bus. She was mad and told me that she will run out to the bus fast and it will take her to school. Ha! We'll see. Now that we have talked so much about her going to school, I am getting a little excited. I can't wait to take her school shopping for supplies, new clothes, and a monogrammed backpack. I just cannot imagine what me and Jack will do all day without our Laiken.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I bought Trey a grill cover with the Ole Miss logo on it. To sum up our Father's Day Weekend... Sat: Trey's present did not come in the mail on time, maybe today it will? He bought a 2008 Dodge Durango for me. We took the kids to pizza hut and to a water park. Trey went to the dirt track races with friends from work. Sun: The kids made Father's day cards for Trey. We all went to the carwash and watched Trey wash the new truck. Trey polished the wheels and grill with chrome cleaner. Trey grilled ribs and sausage, and he made pasta salad. The kids played outside with the neighbor's little girl most of the day. It was the best Father's Day I have ever had! (I mean the best one Trey has ever had!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to Oklahoma!

It has been a big change moving from just outside of Baton Rouge, LA to Pauls Valley, OK. But it may prove to be a good change. We are adjusting to the differences of the big city back to a small town.
Updates on everyone...
Dylan is staying the summer with his mom (mostly his grandmothers), and seems to be having a great summer. We bought him the cell phone he has been begging to have for the past two years. He is 9 years old, and we definitely thought he was too young to have one. But having your child 10 hours away, in an environment you are not 100% comfortable with...can change your perspective on things. The only problem now is he seems to busy with his new "girlfriend" to text us very much anymore. Who knew that type of issue would start this early?? :)
Jack is officially potty trained (aside from the occasional accident). We no longer buy pull ups and he is even dry when he gets up from naps and bedtime. When we first moved here, every once in a while Jack would say, "I want to go home." It was so sad and broke my heart. I would just tell him, "We are home. We are here at home with Daddy." When running errands or going somewhere, on the way home Laiken would always ask, "Are we going home now?" Laiken is referring to our home here in OK, she just always needs to be informed where we are going and what we are doing, for her approval I guess. (She thinks she is in charge!) When she would ask me, "Are we going home now?" Jack would reply, "No, Nanny, No go home. Home is gone, gone!" Oh that was so sad to me. He did not understand the move. But he has adjusted and doesn't say either now. He seems to be fine. Maybe we should tell him we are moving again in 3 to 4 months.
Laiken is going to be 4 in July. She acts like she is going on 10. She is so smart. She figures it all out and has an opinion on everything. She was playing with the neighbor's little girl and kept telling her that she could play with her, but she could not be her friend. She has friends already. After playing with Penelope a few more times, she now tells her she can be her friend. Saturday I am taking Laiken to sign up for Ballet lessons. She is so excited. Any thing girly is ok with Laiken. I made the mistake of letting her watch "Toddlers and Tiaras" with me one afternoon. Her new obsession is "beauty patches" (beauty pageants). We are now on the hunt for a beauty pageant close to pauls valley. She will only be allowed to do the kind that appreciate natural beauty, nothing like the high glitz ones we saw on tv.
Trey was made a foreman on this job. He has been given 14 or so men to supervise. Trey is competitive and a perfectionist. Every day he writes a few guys up. He is even trying to run a few off the job, so he won't have to deal with him. Yesterday, he had a guy random drug tested because he suspected drug use on the job. Needless to say, the company loves him. Trey is definitely a "company man", but it really comes down to his expectations. He expects the best out of people. He is a perfectionist because it has to be done right every time and he expects that much from everyone around him.
Before moving to Pauls Valley, my hairbow business, Little Belles and Bows, was really starting to take off. I was finding new customers all the time, and keeping a small profit in my account. It was going great. I expected to have the same results here. The only problem is they hardly even wear bows here. I have only seen a few since moving here and none of the stores sell them. But after investigating and talking to a few store owners...I found that there is a market for them here. People do want them, there are just no real retail for them, yet. By the end of July, I hope to have my bows in two stores and to have my own store on This move could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Wish me luck!