Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

I love Laiken and Jack's love/hate relationship. They fight as much as they play. One minute I am complimenting them on how sweet they are to each other, and the next they are both screaming and clutching the same toy. On this past Wednesday I took Laiken over to play with Trey's cousin's daughter Delainey. I had to bribe Jack with a trip to Chik Fil A because he LOVES to play at her house too. There was a small struggle to get him to leave without a meltdown, but I reminded him where we were going and he was ok. The entire way to Chik Fil A he talked about "Nanny". (That is what he calls Laiken. I have no idea why. He has always called her that, and now that he is old enough to pronounce her name, he still says it. I will ask him to say "Laiken". He looks me square in the eyes and perfectly pronounces "Nanny". Ok, so I quit trying, and I call her that too sometimes.) He says "Where is Nanny?" I tell him she is at Delainey's house. He says "Go get her mommy. Go get Nanny." And he says, "Nanny wants to play." (meaning with us at Chick Fil A). He said the same things all the way there. He asked me a few times while we ate our chicken minis. Finally, it was time to play. As luck would have it, there were no other kids in the play area playing. He kept running in and out, in and out, until finally a few other kids came in and he was fine. When we got in the car to leave he said, "Mommy, go get Nanny." They are in constant competition with each other. They race to the door and to pick up or get something I asked the other one to get for me. They always have to be first and get the last bite or drink. Why can't they fight over useful things like who can eat the neatest, pick up toys the fastest, or even use the potty the most! (Jack is still potty training, but making tremendous progress!) But they still have moments, when I am not prying them apart, that melt my heart. They snuggle when they sleep by each other. Jack pulled two bananas out of the bag at the pool today and ran over to Laiken to share one with her. "Look Nanny, It's your banana! Want one?" Today at the pool they would count and jump in together. And at naptime, we all three slept in my bed. Laiken and Jack kissed each other before falling asleep. It drives me nuts when they are fighting, but it is priceless when they are sweet. I hope they grow up as best friends.