Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Princess!
My Little Man
face painting at Baton Rouge Zoo
Laiken made lunch! I wish Jack could stay this clean when he eats real food!

it's official!!!

It's official! Jack is going to be a linebacker! He is 25 lbs of mean. He has learned to tackle. Laiken is learning not to turn her back on "little" brother. Today when she was not looking he came up from behind and tackled her to the ground. He does it like a baby who has seen one too many UFC fight nights. He doesn't just push or grab at the waste, he scoops the arm around the neck in the middle of a charging run and pulls her to the ground. Vicious. She thinks it is funny. Ha! Wait just a little and he will be bigger than her and she will not think it is so funny then.... Jack has also learned to climb on the the dining room table. So scary. He loves it. I hate it. I called Mama tonight to get the blog addresses for Mrs. Baker's girls. I got to see Mrs. Baker and Jennifer a few months ago at Mama's house. I was so glad to have been fortunate to be in town when they came by. I know the last time I saw them was at Horseshoe Lake, but I cannot remember when that was. It brings back so many memories. Lisa and Lil and I reminisced awhile about what we could remember. Lil did not remember as much as we did, and I didn't as much as Lisa did. But we all remembered the swimming pool and playing Nintendo, and the big horse outside (although I think Lil did not remember the horse). And how the front of the house was shaped, it always reminded me of a castle. We did not keep in touch over the years, so it was really neat to see what everyone is up to. And to see Jody and Emily's babies. Porter and Graham are so so cute. I would like to say to Jody, if I can, at Jack's six month checkup the doctor's called him "busy" too, and laughed and told me I'm going to have my hands full. Jack is 16 months old now, and he is more than a hand full. Mama can barely talk about him without laughing. The boy is relentless to say the least. He is only interested in things he shouldn't have or things that make loud noises. Tonight, right before tucking my "little angel" into bed, I had to unassemble the fan and retrieve the 10 plastic play forks and knives he shoved into it. He is so "busy", you literally cannot take your eyes off of him for a second. "Busy", hmm that was a nice way to put it. :) Well, for anyone who doesn't know.... Laiken is officially potty trained! She has not had even one accident (aside from night time) in one week and two days. God Bless her cause I was not sure we were both gonna make it out of this one. Good for Lil and Hayden and their 3 day potty training. It only took me and Laiken one month! Shouldn't I get some kind of award or something???

Monday, April 13, 2009

"I'm not going home, I stay with Lisa"

This weekend was amazing! I had such a good time visiting with the family in Hernando. I know Laiken and Jack loved it. Laiken repeatedly said, "I'm not going home, I stay with Lisa." It was still a busy weekend, even though we tried not to plan too much. I am so glad Lisa and Lil thought to have an Easter Egg hunt, even if it was last minute. I think all the kids enjoyed it. The hit of the whole weekend was the blow up bouncer Lisa had in her backyard. It is a mini version of the big one's you rent for birthday parties. That's probably one reason the kids love Aunt Lisa so much. LOL Just kidding. It was so good to see everyone. I love that every time I see Brandon, I remember how hilariously funny he is. Friday night was definitely a good night. We met Mama, Leigh, and Aunt Terry at Cracker Barrel for supper. It was so much fun. The babies were well behaved, but cutting up as usual. Jack was dipping his chicken in any and everything that would sit still, from cocktail sauce to tarter sauce. So to help, we squirted ketchup on his plate, but he put down the chicken and just ate the ketchup plain. Gross. He sat in between Mama and Aunt Terry. Big mistake. Mama had to keep an arm between him and her plate to keep him from "sharing" . He tried to feed her some of his half chewed chicken. And by the time we were ready to leave, she was wearing ketchup, cocktail sauce and mostly vanilla ice cream. By the end of the meal we were out of baby wipes. Laiken has learned to eat without making a total mess, but Jack seems hopeless. I really enjoy when we are able to all get together. The kids are growing up so fast! One day we'll all turn around and they will all be grown. How sad! Trey went to Greene co. this weekend to see Ryan. Ryan has been in South Carolina for a few weeks working. They went fishing for white perch, and did fairly well, I think. I saw a few pictures of some pretty big fish. Aunt Jody said he was not allowed to come again without the babies. He won't, because we are all going in a few weeks. Dylan went to his mom's. He wanted to stay with her for spring break.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Geaux Tigers!!!!! Love ya Brian!

Too much fun!!

We had a great weekend! Friday Trey was off work and we had a few errands to run. We went to lunch at Sizzlin Wings. He ordered 10 boneless buffalo wings. If he finished all the chicken and a large order of fries and a large coke he would get his name on a board by the front register. I dared him to do it, so he did. It was alot of food. The "wings" weren't really wings, they were regular sized chicken strips, not wimpy ones, that were cooked in buffalo sauce. He struggled toward the end and was looking like he would burst but I cheered him on and he did it! funny thing to be proud of, but I was. The whole family eats there from time to time and Briana told Trey "good job, make the family proud". That also opened a challenge to some others in the family who attempted but failed to finish. lol Trey is the reigning Wing King! Friday night we were invited to Briana's to eat crawfish with the family. It was awesome. Normally when we are over there I have to walk around and follow Jack. They don't have any babies, the youngest is 3. So the house is not completely baby proofed and Jack is more curious than the average 1 yr old, so with that combination, I have to keep a close eye on him. The kids play in and out alot, so as they are coming and going from delaynie's room to the front yard Jack attempts to follow them but he is too slow and would end up wandering alone outside. But this time was different, we were all outside and I was able to enjoy hanging out with the grown ups and keep and eye on Jack all at the same time. It was alot more fun that way! lol Kip, Briana's husband, made the crawfish along with the usual potatoes, corn, garlic and mushrooms. It was so so so good. He cooked two huge bags and it did not take long at all for everyone to eat all of them. Everyone ate until they moaned with full bellies. Trey swears he fed Laiken about thirty crawfish, and I don't know how many I gave her. She loves them and spicy foods don't bother her. Jack did not eat any, he wasn't sure about the texture of them. I can't wait for Kip's birthday this month, they always have a crawfish boil for his birthday. Saturday Trey worked on an electrical problem for Mrs. Becky, she is a friend of the family and head nurse at our new pediatrician's office. I told Trey not to worry if she didn't pay him much, she will repay me with friend perks at the doctor's office, which I know all of you know the value of that! And Sunday we went to the zoo. (Of course! ) We love going, it never gets old. We got snowcones and Trey insisted we keep walking instead of sitting to enjoy them. Laiken ended up wearing more of hers than she ate. But luckily since she is potty training, I had a change of clothes. Thank goodness the only accident she had that day was the snowcone one or we would have been SOL. Right after the snowcones came the giraffes, this time they were eating hay far away from the people, and you may not believe me, but I swear it is the truth... Trey grabbed a small branch from a bush and called a giraffe over to him and fed it the branch! It was awesome. A few more people came over and started to feed the giraffe too, and a zookeeper saw them and stopped them. It was funny. I have seen people feeding the animals on SEVERAL occasions, so I was not entirely surprised the giraffe came to him. But it was still pretty cool. They were having a special event at the zoo, Zippity Zoo Days. There were alot of extra things to do like face painting, large inflatables to jump on or slide, several information booths giving free stuff away. It was really fun. I know the kids enjoyed it. It was a busy weekend, but it was alot of fun.