Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 30th to me!!

Highlights from my Big Day!!!
My wonderful husband and adorable kiddos got me a Fossil watch for my birthday present! I love it. It is beautiful, and was a a surprise (which we are usually not capable of pulling off for each other).
My sister came over around 8 AM to bring me a second surprise... 3 balloons and cupcakes! One of the balloons sang "wild thing", which I heard allllllllllll day courtesy of Jack and Laiken. It was from all of my sisters and brothers. Very thoughtful. Lisa said they almost put 30 balloons in the yard. So thanks for going with the singing balloon and cupcakes instead!
Mom came over later to bring me a cookie cake and birthday cards! Then she stayed for a few hours and helped me rearrange my bedroom and closet! Which was an amazing surprise! I have so much more space now. It was a humongous help!
Later when Trey came home we had supper and cake/cupcakes. They sang Happy Birthday to me, and Jack sang it about 15 or 20 more times while we ate cupcakes. It was too cute. He loves a birthday no matter whose it is. I can't wait for his in December.
And for the perfect ending to a perfect day...Trey found some music channels and danced with kids in the living room all evening. Everyone was so happy and laughing so loud. It was definitely priceless!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, Friday, Friday, YAY!!!!

This weekend was our first time to recycle. I know that sounds crazy that I have never done that before, but with all of the chaos and craziness having 3 kids brings, I have never beeen inclined to take on an extra task like recycling. But thanks to the City of Southaven for making it more convenient for us to do our part to help the environment...we are now part of the recycling bandwagon! I am so happy that it is Friday, Nov 5th, finally. That means we are one day closer to Sat, Nov 6th. I have planned a big Open House at my sister, Lisa's house. I invited a few friends with at home businesses also. We are selling Little Belles and Bows hairbows, Scentsy, Creative Memories, Pampered Chef, Beauticontrol, and Sweet Jeans. I have been EXTREMELY busy with party planning, making bows, preparing to sell bows, not to mention my "everyday busy" with the kids and household duties. And dont forget my constant duty of trying to please everyone in the world all at once! Busy life! But so thankful for it! And at this time I am so thankful for all of the times I don't have heartburn, b/c at this very moment I am experiencing raging, yet random, heartburn. I have not eaten anything since breakfast, but for some reason there is a fire in my chest! Fun, fun, fun! I am so ready for March and for this little bundle of joy to be here! Happy Friday everyone!!!