Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baton Rouge Zoo Continued....

Jack holding a leaf to feed the giraffe. And a picture of Jack running full speed back to the giraffe to try to feed him!
Jack fed a giraffe at the zoo this past Saturday! He grabbed a leaf and ran up to where the giraffe was by the fence. After several failed attempts to feed the giraffe, I coaxed him away to play at the playground. After getting halfway to the playground, he noticed a twig with leaves on it laying on the ground. He picked it up and ran back to the giraffe full speed. A man picked him up and brought him face to face with the giraffe and Jack fed him the branch! And with my "sloth- like reflexes" I managed to snap a pic of the giraffe's mouth just seconds after my 2 year old fed him! What luck! Despite not getting a picture, it was an amazing moment! Jack is fearless!

Baton Rouge Zoo

The playground were both kids had a blast, but were forced to retreat after Laiken was bit by another child. I was outraged, but so was his mom. She scolded him and removed him from the playground, made me feel better (but not Laiken).
Jack fell asleep waiting for the train ride.
Laiken was ready to ride the train and did not feel like posing for any more pictures.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More about Laiken....

I love my little Laiken so so very much. We take a nap together everyday. She has to sleep with me or she will not go to sleep. She knows how to play and keep herself busy so she never falls asleep. When she sleeps with me, I tell her to "be still" and "shhhh" about 50 times, and she eventually falls asleep. She is so smart and has a very vivid imagination. She remembers everything that ever happens to her, everything that is said to her, and even everything she hears. It is wild. Today at naptime I was so so extremely tired. She asked me to tell her a story. That is the first time she has ever requested a story. I asked her to tell me one. She actually started her story with once upon a time. It was about princesses, pink dresses, wicked witches, red apples, princes, breaking spells....and the list goes on. After a very dramatic, long epic princess adventure, she ends with Happily Ever After! I love Laiken so much. She makes my heart smile! I love Jack that much too, but his stories aren't sugar and spice and everything nice. His are more of the snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails variety. I chased him for 2 hours tonight at the baseball game (which our team won mostly with forced runs, lol). He was even chased off of the field in the middle of the game. He spent a total of prob 20 min (in 2 min increments) in time out. Threw rocks, threw a water bottle, blew raspberries, and kicked over the time out chair (not all at the same time, throughout the evening). Towards the end of the game, I asked the lady next to me what inning it was. She laughed and said, "It's almost over honey, It will get better as he gets older." She must not know my husband. They say your kids will be 3 times worse than you were as a child. So why am I being punished?? But like I said I love my Jack just as much as my angel Laiken. Jack just uses up more of the unconditional part than Laiken.


My little princess is really growing up. This morning she insisted on wearing her Easter dress. She explained to me in length that she would have to wear the short sleeve sweater that goes with it because it is cold outside. (80 degrees today is the high) She said she will need the little sweater to cover her shoulders so she can stay warm. The entire conversation was so animated and serious. After she put the sweater on, she asked me to button it. She can handle the snap buttons on her pants, but not the type of button you push through the hole. I showed her how to do the first one. She did the next three. She did it by herself, just like that, after only watching me do one. She is so amazing to me! There are so many other things she does that show me she is a little girl and not a toddler anymore. She sat in the chair at the movies Tuesday. Which may not sound like much, but it was the first time she has ever done that. On top of sitting by herself, it was a 3-D movie, and she wore the glasses for the whole movie. When we use a public restroom, she goes in a stall by herself. At our favorite restaurant, Chik-fil-A, the toy in the kids meal can be turned in for an ice-cream. After we finish eating, Laiken always takes the toys to the counter and exchanges them for ice-cream. They will ask her cup or cone, and she decides. She speaks loudly and clearly with confidence so they can hear her. She carries her and Jack's ice-cream back to the table. I have recently started making hair bows for Laiken. She told me the other day that she will make bows with me when she grows up. She is such a sweetheart. I recently got a new tattoo. It is a pink awareness ribbon for Breast Cancer. It has special meaning for me. A close friend of Trey's family here is battling breast cancer. Laiken made this comment after seeing it..."I will get a tattoo when I am older. Not now because I am still little. I know it will hurt, but not too much. When I am older, I will get a mermaid or a princess on my arm, maybe, because I like those things. But just when I get older not now. I am small now." Her exact words! (For those alarmed by her wanting a tattoo...I had 4 before I had Laiken, so they are a part of our everyday lives.) I am sure my kids will get them. I am sure I am not finished getting them. I love tattoos. And I don't mind if my kids do too. One time Laiken found a highlighter and colored her entire body. I mean literally, toes to shoulders, with the pink highlighter. She came to show me and said they were her tattoos! Too funny. I hope she doesn't take it that far, but I will still love her no matter what! (Mom, I know you are dying as you read this!!!! I love you so much! Forgive me for corrupting your grandkids!) P.S. MOM- Do you remember the first time you saw my very first tattoo?? "Please tell me that is not real!" Makes me laugh every time I think about it! Love ya!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daddy's Boots!

Yea for Humpday! Come on Friday!

Trey left for Columbus, MS this morning. It is a two week shutdown. Which means short job...LONG hours....GOOD money. Hopefully while he is gone, he will receive a call about Wyoming or Mobile. I would love to know where we will be living this summer. I am not against WY but Alabama is much more my style. It would be a little scary to move across the country. I moved across the entire state of Mississippi and was shocked by the differences. When we moved to Louisiana, I was shocked again by all of the differences. I cannot even imagine what it would be like in Wyoming. I think the population of Baton Rouge and New Orleans may equal that of the whole state of WY! So everyone keep your fingers crossed for the job in Mobile, AL. Thank you. Baseball season has started. Dylan is very excited to be playing. Laiken and Jack love being outside, so it works for them. I like to see everyone happy, so I am excited for them too. This is the first year he has played where the kids are pitching. None of the children, on any of the teams has ever pitched before. I think Dylan ducked more than he swung the bat. That has got to be scary for the kids. It looks like they are being attacked by the baseball every time they come to bat. Jack's previous potty training did not go well. He began to not want to sit on the potty at all. I did not want to force him because I am not completely sure he is 100% ready. I gave up and bought diapers, and now I just let him use the potty when he asks. Until yesterday....he was calling my name with that sound of urgency that let me know he is either stuck in something and cannot free him self....or there is poop involved! It was the latter. I went into his room and he was sitting on the floor in a mess with a messy diaper hanging off one leg. He had attempted to take off a dirty diaper by him self but he quit when he realized it was not happening the way it does when mommy takes them off. I had to clean the floor and give Jack a bath. If you know about Jack's history, you would know that we have finally progressed from him bringing me a handful of poop everytime he dirtied a diaper. "LOOK! Mama, POOP!!!!" (hand outstretched with a stinky surprise) I thought that was a phase but it lasted for months and months. Now he just takes the diaper off to bring to me.....So potty training is back on! I picked up pullups at walmart along with a massive size bag of M&M's. I will give a report next week on his progress...Wish us luck!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Big Surprise!

I have had a crazy, wonderful two weeks. Trey came home early from Wyoming and surprised us! We were expecting him on Sunday, April 3rd, and he showed up at the door Wednesday afternoon! Jack shouted daddy when the door opened. I was wondering why he was calling Dylan "daddy"! (Dylan was outside playing and I was sure it was him coming in the door.) But then Laiken shouted Daddy and ran to the door. By then I was sure it was Trey, so I ran to the door too! It was wonderful. We all hugged each other for about 10 minutes. The kids were so excited to see him! Since he came home early, we were able to enjoy Easter together. We went to Bass Pro Shop and saw the easter bunny together and lunch afterwards at the restaurant in Bass Pro. We spent Easter Sunday together with Trey's family here in Denham. The kids had an Easter egg hunt. And thanks to their heated pool, we swam all afternoon. It was a great weekend. Since then, I feel like my life has been complete chaos! The laundry and and dishes pile up faster and the food is disappearing much faster than before! Our schedules are completely out of whack! We are all learning to live together again. But I have to say it is completely worth it! I am so happy for him to be home. We have enjoyed a great vacation together. Trey is waiting on job offers from a few different companies. We could possibly be staying here longer, moving to Mobile AL, moving to Wyoming, or Trey going back to Wyoming alone (pray for us it will not be the last!). I am crossing my fingers for Mobile, AL!!! We will have to wait and see. Until then, we will enjoy our time together!