Thursday, April 15, 2010

More about Laiken....

I love my little Laiken so so very much. We take a nap together everyday. She has to sleep with me or she will not go to sleep. She knows how to play and keep herself busy so she never falls asleep. When she sleeps with me, I tell her to "be still" and "shhhh" about 50 times, and she eventually falls asleep. She is so smart and has a very vivid imagination. She remembers everything that ever happens to her, everything that is said to her, and even everything she hears. It is wild. Today at naptime I was so so extremely tired. She asked me to tell her a story. That is the first time she has ever requested a story. I asked her to tell me one. She actually started her story with once upon a time. It was about princesses, pink dresses, wicked witches, red apples, princes, breaking spells....and the list goes on. After a very dramatic, long epic princess adventure, she ends with Happily Ever After! I love Laiken so much. She makes my heart smile! I love Jack that much too, but his stories aren't sugar and spice and everything nice. His are more of the snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails variety. I chased him for 2 hours tonight at the baseball game (which our team won mostly with forced runs, lol). He was even chased off of the field in the middle of the game. He spent a total of prob 20 min (in 2 min increments) in time out. Threw rocks, threw a water bottle, blew raspberries, and kicked over the time out chair (not all at the same time, throughout the evening). Towards the end of the game, I asked the lady next to me what inning it was. She laughed and said, "It's almost over honey, It will get better as he gets older." She must not know my husband. They say your kids will be 3 times worse than you were as a child. So why am I being punished?? But like I said I love my Jack just as much as my angel Laiken. Jack just uses up more of the unconditional part than Laiken.

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