Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yea for Humpday! Come on Friday!

Trey left for Columbus, MS this morning. It is a two week shutdown. Which means short job...LONG hours....GOOD money. Hopefully while he is gone, he will receive a call about Wyoming or Mobile. I would love to know where we will be living this summer. I am not against WY but Alabama is much more my style. It would be a little scary to move across the country. I moved across the entire state of Mississippi and was shocked by the differences. When we moved to Louisiana, I was shocked again by all of the differences. I cannot even imagine what it would be like in Wyoming. I think the population of Baton Rouge and New Orleans may equal that of the whole state of WY! So everyone keep your fingers crossed for the job in Mobile, AL. Thank you. Baseball season has started. Dylan is very excited to be playing. Laiken and Jack love being outside, so it works for them. I like to see everyone happy, so I am excited for them too. This is the first year he has played where the kids are pitching. None of the children, on any of the teams has ever pitched before. I think Dylan ducked more than he swung the bat. That has got to be scary for the kids. It looks like they are being attacked by the baseball every time they come to bat. Jack's previous potty training did not go well. He began to not want to sit on the potty at all. I did not want to force him because I am not completely sure he is 100% ready. I gave up and bought diapers, and now I just let him use the potty when he asks. Until yesterday....he was calling my name with that sound of urgency that let me know he is either stuck in something and cannot free him self....or there is poop involved! It was the latter. I went into his room and he was sitting on the floor in a mess with a messy diaper hanging off one leg. He had attempted to take off a dirty diaper by him self but he quit when he realized it was not happening the way it does when mommy takes them off. I had to clean the floor and give Jack a bath. If you know about Jack's history, you would know that we have finally progressed from him bringing me a handful of poop everytime he dirtied a diaper. "LOOK! Mama, POOP!!!!" (hand outstretched with a stinky surprise) I thought that was a phase but it lasted for months and months. Now he just takes the diaper off to bring to me.....So potty training is back on! I picked up pullups at walmart along with a massive size bag of M&M's. I will give a report next week on his progress...Wish us luck!!

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