Thursday, July 30, 2009

new firsts...

Sometime late last week Jack decided to start talking. He already had a pretty descent list of, nonono, stop, don't, daddy, mama, Dylan, Laiken, Tucker, Kitty, thank you, luv you, nite nite, go go go, bye bye, hello, and maybe a few others I am forgetting. But last week he just started with sentences and phrases, and can repeat anything we say! Laiken was watching Dora and Jack said "where are we goin?" For those who don't have the pleasure of watching Dora, they sing a song about where she is going. "clap, clap, clap, Where are we going? Mermaid Kingdom!" Another day I told him Swiper no swiping (also from Dora) and he said "Aww man!" And all week long he has been singing "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!" over and over and over and over. Maybe if I give him a cupcake he will sing something else. LOL. But it has been really cute that he has gone from one word speech to sentences, phrases, and songs over night! I guess he is officially a toddler now. Oh how sad that makes me. We have no more babies in the house. Laiken is growing so fast, soon she will no longer be a toddler. Maybe she is not a toddler already, I just am not ready to admit it. She has started to tell stories. Her stories are long and drawn out and full of detail. And they are very interesting if you can follow them. Her memory is outstanding as well. Dylan went to a birthday party for a friend last Saturday, so I took Leigh, Blayne, and Laiken to Baskin Robbins (Jack was napping). After that we went to Wal-Mart. We were gone for about 2 1/2 hours. When we got back, Trey asked Laiken what kind of ice-cream she had. Not only did she name what color ice-cream she had, but she named the color of each of ours too!! I was shocked. I should know her memory is that good, because she always repeats what I say. I am learning to watch my mouth and not to say anything I wouldn't want her to say. LOL. She is way too smart!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Leigh and Blayne have been staying with us the past two weeks. We have had a really good time together! The most fun has been swimming. Normally when we go, I play with the babies or chat with other mom's, but with Blayne and Leigh we play games. We play catagories and do relay races. It has been a blast! Leigh also brought her Wii, which makes me feel old because I am not very good at it! lol. We all play bowling together and take turns playing tennis. Thanks to Leigh, that will probably be the Walker family's next big investment. Tonight we played UNO. Blayne won twice, Dylan twice, me once, and Leigh won once. On the last game she made me draw about 50 cards. Everytime it was her turn she was throwing down draw 2 or draw 4. At least when Dylan and Blayne did it to me they were saying sorry, but not LeeBee, she was just throwing them down. lol. She showed no mercy. It has been so crazy and out of routine here that I am excited about this weekend, but at the same time I am sad for them to go. Our apartment will be so quiet and so empty! We will be lost without our BlayneBlayne and our LeeBee! Poor Dylan, he will probably miss them the most!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I WIN!!!

Yes, last night in Jack's room a battle line was drawn! It was a long time coming and had been previously predicted by Mama. She said "You know how he better not put him in a toddler bed until the last minute b/c he will never stay in it!" And once again for all the world to know...She was right. It started off slowly. He would get up about 15 times after being put to bed. But I have watched super nanny, so I would go in and without a word, put him back to bed. 15 turned into 20, then thirty, then me begging, then before long he was being tucked in endlessly for over an hour. There is not much patience for that. Earlier this week, he started something new. He gets out of bed, then gets under the bed!!! When I come in and say "Jack, night-night" He just lays super still and I guess thinks I can't see him?? Last night he would get under the bed every single time I tucked him in! He refused to stay in the bed. I was tired and this game had to come to an end. I walked away from him, went into my room, and got the play pen! Yes sir, he WILL stay in the bed now. I am bigger, smarter, and have more resources than him. I will win! (not every time I am sure, but this was a big victory for me!) He can sleep in a toddler bed when he starts potty training!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Laiken!!!!

Laiken turned 3 years old yesterday. Despite having just recovered from a stomach virus, which she shared so nicely with Jack, her party was a success. I had so much trouble planning Laiken's party this year because Trey was back and forth about the possiblity of leaving to work out of town. Once that was settled, he was unsure if they would be working 7 days a week or staying at 6. Finally, I decided to just have her party on her birthday, at night, so he would be there for sure. Everything was planned. Mimi, Kristin, and Kynnedi were coming. Lisa, Jason, Blayne, and Savana were coming. We were so excited! Then late Thursday....the stomach virus reared its ugly head in our door. All plans changed again, all out of town guests were forced to cancel. She was doing better by Sunday, so we decided to not let her b-day pass with no celebration, and go on with the party. The only guests who came were our downstairs neighbors (Jennifer, Brad, Annie, and Zoe). I told them that Jack was feeling poor and had the virus. Jennifer felt it would be ok because they had already spent the first two days of Laiken being sick playing with us and in our house before we realized she had the virus. They were already exposed so why not come over for cake? It was a wonderful party! Only lasting about an hour, the kids played, opened presents, and ate cake/ice cream. Laiken, in her three years of life, has often surprised me. She surprised me the day she arrived 6 weeks early. And in the NICU, where she was so strong and was out so quickly. She surprised me by showing me how easy it was to be her mother, when I was so scared to have a new baby and was not sure I would know what to do. I am delighted and surprised everytime she does or says something new. She has learned to count on her fingers. She is so proud of herself when she holds up her fingers and says " I am two, but in a few days I will be 3". Well now she can say she is 3! Last night she surprised me too with her manners and her gratitude. She opened each present and looked at it and was happy. She took her time with each one. She waited patiently while I read cards. She moved from presents to cake with no fits or protests (just a little coaxing). For anyone who has seen my kids eat are not wondering why I did gifts, then cake! At the end of her party, she hugged all of her guests and told them bye and thank you. I was so proud of her. It was not her usual shy, quiet thank you, but a loud and sincere one. She is growing up so fast! One day we will turn around and they will all be grown up! These are the days we will want back!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I'm so mad at you!"

Laiken picked her cup off the table. It was almost empty. (what she didn't know was that I had just taken the cup from Jack, who was drinking it while she was using the potty.) She noticed her half full cup was almost empty. In her sweetest voice, she told me, "Jack shared my cup, but it's not all gone." Then she drank the rest of it. I guess it wasn't enough to satisfy her thirst because she turned to Jack and said, "Did you drink my cup? JACK! Look at me!! Why did you drink my cup?? It is all gone and I am so mad at you!!" Jack seemed completely unaware of the entire situation. It was priceless!