Thursday, July 16, 2009

I WIN!!!

Yes, last night in Jack's room a battle line was drawn! It was a long time coming and had been previously predicted by Mama. She said "You know how he better not put him in a toddler bed until the last minute b/c he will never stay in it!" And once again for all the world to know...She was right. It started off slowly. He would get up about 15 times after being put to bed. But I have watched super nanny, so I would go in and without a word, put him back to bed. 15 turned into 20, then thirty, then me begging, then before long he was being tucked in endlessly for over an hour. There is not much patience for that. Earlier this week, he started something new. He gets out of bed, then gets under the bed!!! When I come in and say "Jack, night-night" He just lays super still and I guess thinks I can't see him?? Last night he would get under the bed every single time I tucked him in! He refused to stay in the bed. I was tired and this game had to come to an end. I walked away from him, went into my room, and got the play pen! Yes sir, he WILL stay in the bed now. I am bigger, smarter, and have more resources than him. I will win! (not every time I am sure, but this was a big victory for me!) He can sleep in a toddler bed when he starts potty training!

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