Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Leigh and Blayne have been staying with us the past two weeks. We have had a really good time together! The most fun has been swimming. Normally when we go, I play with the babies or chat with other mom's, but with Blayne and Leigh we play games. We play catagories and do relay races. It has been a blast! Leigh also brought her Wii, which makes me feel old because I am not very good at it! lol. We all play bowling together and take turns playing tennis. Thanks to Leigh, that will probably be the Walker family's next big investment. Tonight we played UNO. Blayne won twice, Dylan twice, me once, and Leigh won once. On the last game she made me draw about 50 cards. Everytime it was her turn she was throwing down draw 2 or draw 4. At least when Dylan and Blayne did it to me they were saying sorry, but not LeeBee, she was just throwing them down. lol. She showed no mercy. It has been so crazy and out of routine here that I am excited about this weekend, but at the same time I am sad for them to go. Our apartment will be so quiet and so empty! We will be lost without our BlayneBlayne and our LeeBee! Poor Dylan, he will probably miss them the most!

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