Thursday, April 30, 2009

it's official!!!

It's official! Jack is going to be a linebacker! He is 25 lbs of mean. He has learned to tackle. Laiken is learning not to turn her back on "little" brother. Today when she was not looking he came up from behind and tackled her to the ground. He does it like a baby who has seen one too many UFC fight nights. He doesn't just push or grab at the waste, he scoops the arm around the neck in the middle of a charging run and pulls her to the ground. Vicious. She thinks it is funny. Ha! Wait just a little and he will be bigger than her and she will not think it is so funny then.... Jack has also learned to climb on the the dining room table. So scary. He loves it. I hate it. I called Mama tonight to get the blog addresses for Mrs. Baker's girls. I got to see Mrs. Baker and Jennifer a few months ago at Mama's house. I was so glad to have been fortunate to be in town when they came by. I know the last time I saw them was at Horseshoe Lake, but I cannot remember when that was. It brings back so many memories. Lisa and Lil and I reminisced awhile about what we could remember. Lil did not remember as much as we did, and I didn't as much as Lisa did. But we all remembered the swimming pool and playing Nintendo, and the big horse outside (although I think Lil did not remember the horse). And how the front of the house was shaped, it always reminded me of a castle. We did not keep in touch over the years, so it was really neat to see what everyone is up to. And to see Jody and Emily's babies. Porter and Graham are so so cute. I would like to say to Jody, if I can, at Jack's six month checkup the doctor's called him "busy" too, and laughed and told me I'm going to have my hands full. Jack is 16 months old now, and he is more than a hand full. Mama can barely talk about him without laughing. The boy is relentless to say the least. He is only interested in things he shouldn't have or things that make loud noises. Tonight, right before tucking my "little angel" into bed, I had to unassemble the fan and retrieve the 10 plastic play forks and knives he shoved into it. He is so "busy", you literally cannot take your eyes off of him for a second. "Busy", hmm that was a nice way to put it. :) Well, for anyone who doesn't know.... Laiken is officially potty trained! She has not had even one accident (aside from night time) in one week and two days. God Bless her cause I was not sure we were both gonna make it out of this one. Good for Lil and Hayden and their 3 day potty training. It only took me and Laiken one month! Shouldn't I get some kind of award or something???

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