Monday, April 13, 2009

"I'm not going home, I stay with Lisa"

This weekend was amazing! I had such a good time visiting with the family in Hernando. I know Laiken and Jack loved it. Laiken repeatedly said, "I'm not going home, I stay with Lisa." It was still a busy weekend, even though we tried not to plan too much. I am so glad Lisa and Lil thought to have an Easter Egg hunt, even if it was last minute. I think all the kids enjoyed it. The hit of the whole weekend was the blow up bouncer Lisa had in her backyard. It is a mini version of the big one's you rent for birthday parties. That's probably one reason the kids love Aunt Lisa so much. LOL Just kidding. It was so good to see everyone. I love that every time I see Brandon, I remember how hilariously funny he is. Friday night was definitely a good night. We met Mama, Leigh, and Aunt Terry at Cracker Barrel for supper. It was so much fun. The babies were well behaved, but cutting up as usual. Jack was dipping his chicken in any and everything that would sit still, from cocktail sauce to tarter sauce. So to help, we squirted ketchup on his plate, but he put down the chicken and just ate the ketchup plain. Gross. He sat in between Mama and Aunt Terry. Big mistake. Mama had to keep an arm between him and her plate to keep him from "sharing" . He tried to feed her some of his half chewed chicken. And by the time we were ready to leave, she was wearing ketchup, cocktail sauce and mostly vanilla ice cream. By the end of the meal we were out of baby wipes. Laiken has learned to eat without making a total mess, but Jack seems hopeless. I really enjoy when we are able to all get together. The kids are growing up so fast! One day we'll all turn around and they will all be grown. How sad! Trey went to Greene co. this weekend to see Ryan. Ryan has been in South Carolina for a few weeks working. They went fishing for white perch, and did fairly well, I think. I saw a few pictures of some pretty big fish. Aunt Jody said he was not allowed to come again without the babies. He won't, because we are all going in a few weeks. Dylan went to his mom's. He wanted to stay with her for spring break.

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