Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We love the beach!

Our first trip to Mom and Dad's new Beach House in Gulfshores, AL! We had a blast! The kids loved the beach. Especially the sand, which they felt the adults were not enjoying near enough. They were sure to share the sand with us every chance they got, by ways of kicking, throwing, and shoveling sand in our direction (but only when we weren't looking). Trey's mom came to stay a day with us at the beach. The kids love seeing her. Gran Gran stood for over an hour with Jack on the porch counting bullfrogs in the lagoon. She loves playing with the grandkids and watching them play.
Uncle Brian, Landon, and Payton stayed at the beach house too, along with Mom and Leigh. Uncle Brian was a life saver the whole trip. He hauled our two tons of beach stuff on and off the beach, took kids in the water to play, caught fish for the kids, took them crab hunting at night, and even gave me a private session of his "Grocery Shopping Savings 101". (I should have been taking notes on that last one). Mom and Dad's house is amazing! It is so gorgeous, and spacious. The bottom floor is wall to wall french doors with an amazing view of the bay. The community they live in is so beautifully landscaped and seemed to be filled with friendly people. The right side of the porch that faces the lagoon (and it is gorgeous too, filled with bullfrogs and lily pads) has a gated part that was probably for the past owner's dog to stay in. After a few jokes about locking the kids in the gate, we came up with the idea of building a fort for the kids to play in. With the gate already there, all it needs is a canopy like the one you see over swing sets. I know my kids and they would love it!
This is Brynley sleeping in a tent at the beach.
This is Brynley sleeping on MawMaw's bed at the beach house.
This is Brynley sleeping on MawMaw's bed again, at the beach house.
Brynley loved Gulfshores. Mostly she loved sleeping at Gulfshores.

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