Monday, April 11, 2011

Brynley's first smile! and a busy weekend

Brynley is getting so big. She is 5 weeks old and starting to smile. The picture shows the beginnings of a smile. I wish I would have captured the whole thing because it was so big and cute! Between her new cooing and new smiles, (in the words of Blayne) "I could just eat her up with spoon!" Blayne used to always say that about Laiken. I love that expression.
We had a busy, busy weekend for sure! Baseball started this weekend with our first tournament. It was the first tournament of the season, but literally it was our first ever. I was shocked that there was a game Friday, 2 Saturday, and the possibility of 3 Sunday. Wow, that is alot of ball games. We won Friday and both Saturday. Dylan played awesome. He was hitting good and getting runs in. Trey was able to come home this weekend to watch the games. We are so proud of Dylan. He did a great job and had alot of fun. Sunday's game was a tough one and the boys were not able to pull off a win. So instead of 3 games, we had just one. I felt bad for Dylan and the team, but I was glad that gave us the opportunity to spend time with Trey at the park before he left to go back to Oklahoma.
I am very excited about my hair bow business Little Belles and Bows. I have been very busy and making contact with new customers every week. I am hoping to stay busy and get even busier. With the money I have been making, I was able to get a new camera this week. It is a Canon Power Shot. I love it! It takes amazing pictures. I imagine I will wear the kids out with my constant "Say Cheese, Big Smiles!" Once I find a free minute to download this weekends pictures, I will be sure to post some of them here.

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