Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday!!!!

We have had such a busy week. Football practice Mon night. Dylan hurt his ankle and was carried off the field. It was just rolled, not sprained or broken. I know it hurt him, but it must have been a tricky type of injury because he proceeded to limp off and on the rest of the night. The coaches noticed his "injury" and a few parents too. That was a frustrating night. Tuesday night we had practice again. No ankle problems, just fussy babies. I think they are tired of long practices too. Wednesday night, no practice, but we had to go to USM. Dylan is in behavioral and cognitive modification therapy. For those lucky few who don't get to hear the stories about his mom, there are alot of issues there. Hopefully, USM will teach him and us how to deal with some of the issues he deals with. On a lighter note, we also went to the mall Wed. before USM to return a pair of shoes for Dylan. They didn't have his size so we were forced to pick a different shoe. Five styles and 20 try ons later I realize that Miss Laiken has a stinky diaper. A second later, much to my horror, I see that she realized she had a stinky diaper and had reached back and put her hand in her diaper. She then smeared the poop collected on one finger, all over her white shirt. I cannot count or describe the levels of embarrasment I experienced. Well, needless to say Dylan did not get any shoes and Laiken DID get a new shirt. We also managed to make it to USM on time, (a miracle in itself) So then Thursday I discovered, Thanks to mom, I have a crib recall. I have to return the crib my kids have been using for 2 years to Target. We had practice tonight, then I had to take apart the bed. I will have to borrow Ryan's truck tomorrow and return it to target, get a refund, and go to walmart and purchase a new one! FUN!! Then Friday evening I have no where to go, Thank Goodness Its Friday. My new netflix movie, I am Legend, is here! So that is what I will be doing tomorrow night. Saturday night we have a football game and Sunday we have a birthday party in Lucedale. I feel like I have one million things to do and never cross anything off the list. lol Maybe next week we will have less practice. But next weekend will be busy, I am sure we will have a game sat and the Pecan Festival is next weekend. (Dylan chose not to go to his mom's this weekend and I'm sure will not want to go next either. I love it!!!) We may play hookie from school and try to beat the crowd?? Maybe, but how do you explain a little white lie to a kid you are trying to teach not to lie??

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  1. Oh god. Now we are blogging on the same night. Weird. I love reading yours.