Tuesday, September 23, 2008

forgive me

I am going to go to jail for striking another person's child. Every football pratice I have gone to, I have to physically restrain myself from picking up someone's kid and violently shaking them. One night I had a kid that threw sand in her face repeatedly til she cried, another night he was snatching toys from her (that were not his). And another night the same kid pushed down a little boy she was playing with. Okay, we just avoid the little demon now. Today, on a whim, I decided to sit on the sociable side of the field (the side with all the parents), rather than where I normally sit, (alone and happy on the visiters side, with a handful of other parents, mostly just critical dads leaned on the fence). I started feeding jack his ravioli, Laiken runs off under the bleachers. I hate when she does that, cause I can't see her well and there are always older kids there. So she comes running back screaming and three older boys are chasing her screaming at her. They are all just playing but they were older and boys and besides they were calling her names. One of the boys is that little demon kid I don't like. So I quickly packed us up, put her in the stroller and moved to our unsociable side. Later two of the little boys came to our side. Laiken, bless her heart, tells them to go away and leave her alone when they come close to her. One of the little boys pushed her!!! WHAT!!! I stood up to come to them and he pushed her again!! WHAT!! Laiken pointed at him and said "NO no push!" I got about 4 feet from him, careful to stay more than snatching distance, and pointed my finger and told him not to do that again. He started to say something, I got louder and told him I don't care, she is smaller and he is older and he doesn't need to push girls and to NOT let me see that again. I am pretty sure I'm going to go to jail one night. I think I am just going to put her in karate and get one of those bumper stickers that says "my kid can kick your kids ass"

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  1. Welcome to my world everyday. I want to kill so many kids everyday.