Monday, September 8, 2008

Have you seen my keys?

I've decided to try out this blog thing. I think I have some interesting moments in my life, thanks to my 3 beautiful children. And since we are so far away from friends and family, this may be a better way to share the "small stuff" that is my chaotic, wonderful life. I will start by just explaining the blog address I chose...Have you seen my keys? That is a metaphor that explains my whole life. I spend countless hours looking for things. And of course it is also a very literal definition of my day. If I am leaving the house to go anywhere, there is a 99% chance I will say "Have you seen my keys?" Mostly I am asking my husband or 7 year old, (both are never helpful in finding them) or I am asking my 2 year old (who is even less helpful) and usually answers "I dunno". Time is getting late. I will post more later this week, pending the arrival of Hurricane Ike, in which case it might be next week.

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  1. This is so cute! I only get online a few times a week but I will check your blog when I do!