Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Football Game

Today was Dylan's first football game. Due to the hurricane, Trey was given the weekend off (he is still working in Baton Rouge, LA). He was so very happy to be able to go. I couldn't tell who was more excited about the game, Dylan or Trey. We won 22-0!! It was very exciting. I really enjoyed it. The game is only 8 minute quarters, and all kids have to get to play. Dylan got to play the whole first half! He is inside linebacker on defense and made three good tackles. In one play, he was the only one who stopped the kid running with the ball. It was pretty exciting. Dylan seems to be a natural athlete at whatever sport he plays. The entire second half the coaches were trying to make sure that everyone got to play, so Dylan didn't go in the second half at all. We managed to take a few pictures and video some of the plays. Practices may not be much fun, but the games are cool. I wish they were just a little bit longer. I'm sure everyone is wondering how Laiken and Jack liked the game. Everything was typical at first, (til they tag teamed and beat up a one year old baby). Laiken ran around like she had never been outside in her life before and Jack sat in the stroller and ate. We walked along the fence up and down the sidelines to be able to see dylan and let Laiken watch the little cheerleaders. (she loved "and we're gonna beat the whoopsy out of you!!!" It was cute. Then we made our way back to our chairs and the people sitting next to us had a one year old baby, Braxton. Braxton crawled over to where Laiken and Jack were playing in the grass behind my chair. They were playing fine at first, then next thing you know Laiken threw a football ice pack at Braxton and hit him in the face. He was tough. He didn't like it but he didn't cry. Right after that, Jack crawls over to him and pinches his face, I guess to finish him off. He screamed hysterically, his mom came and scooped him up and I apologized. I had to round up my bullies and put them back in their strollers. Thankfully, his parents weren't mad. It was a very nice day with Trey home. We spent most of the day at PawPaw Collie and Mimi's (for those who don't know that is Ryan and Jody). The babies played in the sandbox with Kynnedi, and Dylan played with Ryanne. (For those who have never tried it, baby powder does work to knock all the sand off! It was so easy to clean up the sand stuck all over the babies and they smelled good too. lol) We came home and Trey grilled hotdogs for lunch. Then everyone took a long nap. After our nap I took Laiken and Jack for a ride in their John Deere wagon. It was so sweet, she sat in back and Jack sat in front. Laiken put her arms around him and sang "if your happy and you know it" to him. We went back to Ryan's and played there for a while. I shot Donald's Recurve bow. It was pretty neat. I even hit the target some. It was a perfect day!!!!

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