Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For weeks Laiken's new phrase when you ask her is she's ready for a nap, she says, "can't, too little" I laughed so hard that now whenever she does't want to do something she says that. This week she is officially on a napping strike! For two days she refuses to take a nap. She lays in her bed and plays with toys or books so quietly that I cannot hear her on the baby monitor and I think she is sleeping. When I go in and check, she is still up. Both yesterday and today this went on for two hours and countless threats before she ultimately gave in and fell asleep. Today she tried to plot against me with Jack. I put them both down for a nap. She was talking and singing and he could not go to sleep. I took him out and rocked him to sleep. And thinking she was close to sleeping herself, I put him back in his bed. Within 35 min, she was still up and started singing and woke Jack up. So Jack took a nap in my bed today. Laiken eventually gave up and fell asleep at 4. The best part about the new napping trouble is that we are now going to football practice 3 times a week. Practice lasts from 6:00 to 8:30. By the time she is falling asleep, I have to wake her up so we can leave. And everyone has to have a bath when we get back. So bedtimes are pushed back too. Seems like we are all suffering from not enough sleep.Too much fun. For those of you surprised that Dylan is playing football, join the club. We did not think he would and also thought if he did, he wouldn't like it. It turns out that he loves it! He hates stretches but loves to tackle. the more he thinks he hurt someone, the prouder he is. He is quick to report he has already made two little boys cry. Like father, like son I guess. Trey is so happy he can't stand it. And now I'm afraid they will all turn out to be just like their Daddy!! LOL.

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