Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love Laiken so much!!!

Laiken is such a tattle tail. Spend one day with her and she will tell you all of the things I say to her most. She says to me "Mommy, no touch!" "Put it back" When I tried to share a smoothie with her at sonic, she says "this is mine, that is yours!" (pointing to the medium sprite we were also sharing). Today she used a new phrase. She climbed into her booster seat and said "mommy, want the baby carrots." I said, " no, you only eat the ranch dressing." (she has a condiment problem, ketchup and ranch are sides and sometimes whole meals for her) She said "MOMMY, Want the baby carrots" "no Laiken" She says "Mommy, 1-2-3, timeout!" I couldn't help but laugh!!

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