Saturday, October 4, 2008

zoo day!!

Today Laiken, Jack, and I went to the Hattiesburg Zoo. The admission is $2 and kids under 4 are free. (That should tell you about how many animals there are) But I have to say it is a really nice zoo, just short. I let Laiken stay at each exhibit until she was ready to move on. She really watched and talked about each animal. Mostly her comments were "I want to pet it." or"I want to hold it." She even wanted to hold the tiger. Cute. Jack rode in the stroller the whole time with his feet propped up watching all of the wild kids around us. You think your own kids are wild, until you see how other people's kids act. Dylan is at his mom's this weekend and Trey had to stay in LA to work. So we just moved slow and did what we wanted. We rode the carousel twice and stayed at the park by the zoo for about an hour. On the way home we stopped at sonic and got milkshakes. Jack slept, Laiken made a mess. I am washing both carseats now. :) It was a wonderful, stress-free day. Tuesday is the homecoming parade for Sandhill School. Dylan will be riding the second grade float. I am so excited for him, and for Laiken. This will be her first parade. I've been slow on blogging lately b/c I had to return Jack's crib to Target for a crib recall.Due to poor planning I had to order a crib online. It took 6 days to get here. Jack slept with me all 5 nights. Now he refuses to sleep in the new crib. He is finally beginning to adjust. May take another week. But he's been in my bed at night and the slightest noise (typing on the computer) wakes him up. So that is a lie about putting your babies to bed where there is noise when they are new born and they'll be heavy sleepers later. Do you think it is ever quiet here? NO. And he is a lighter sleeper than Mama. And you know how bad she offense mom. I can forgive him though, he started saying mama this week. He says it all the time, especially when he's sleepy or wants something. I love it sooo much. There is nothing like it in the world!

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