Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laiken's zoo class

Laiken started her zoo toddler class on Thursday. It is every thurs for 45 minutes. They dance, sing, read books, have snacks, and get to meet an animal. She was unusually clingy and reserved. I think she will open up a little more next week. Jack had alot of fun, he was excited to meet so many new people. At the end of this class, Laiken got to pet a snake. She was not scared at all. After her turn petting the snake, she said, "I want to play with it." A couple of mom's laughed. Then she touched a turtle. And last they brought out a parrot that could talk. He was shy too, because the zoo keeper swore he could talk but he wouldn't say a word. He whistled at us a waved. And at the end he blew kisses, that's all. Laiken loved him too. It was alot of fun, and I hope it will help Laiken by being around other kids her age. Afterwards we played on the playground. Laiken remembers that the slide is next to the zoo. So every Thurs. will be an all day event with the class, then looking at animals, and ending with the playground. Thursday's will be my new favorite day. It makes for a long day, but nothing else makes her as happy as the zoo does. I love seeing her that happy. All day long now she tells me, "I want to see the animals."

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