Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where's Jack?

I named my blog address "Have you seen my keys" b/c I say that so much. I should have named it "Where's Jack". That has become my new frequent question. Last night after a long, uneventful football practice, we got home at 8:30. Dylan got a shower and I put Laiken in the bath. When he got out, I told him it was bedtime and as soon as I got the babies out they are going to bed too. So I left Laiken, to quickly tuck Dylan in. (I know, I know, I should never leave her alone in the tub) I left the bathroom, walked through the kitchen. Jack was pulled up to his booster seat playing with the straps. I went in to Dylan's room and kissed him goodnight. On the way back, I wondered "Where's Jack?" he's not by his highchair now. As I get to the bathroom, there is a river of water flowing out into my bedroom. I hear Jack laughing. Our bathtub is tall and has a built in step in the front. Jack has climbed up (that's his new thing, climbing) and is standing on the step and Laiken has a big cup in her hand...Can you see where this is going??? She is pouring cupfuls of water on his head while he is standing on the step next to the tub. His hair is soaked and his clothes are dripping wet and him and Laiken are both laughing hysterically. I asked Laiken "What are you doing?" she said " I pour water on Jack". I wonder how he'll survive Laiken. He's gonna be tough, I know that for sure. Today while I was gathering and washing clothes earlier, I came in the kitchen and he had crawled into the pantry. I get so tired of hearing all the little old ladies we run into say "you must have your hands full" and they smile. But it is unbelievable how true it is. But there are so many moments that wash away the craziness. Last night I rocked Jack to sleep (those days are fading fast) and held him for about thirty minutes. Heaven. Perfect ending to crazy days.

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