Monday, October 27, 2008

Be Thankful for today!!

Are we country or what???
I need to tell myself every morning to be thankful for today. No matter how crazy or stressed I get, I should be thankful for each day. The reason I say this is because here lately it seems that they are all passing so fast.I am so busy and have so much running around to do that the days are just gone. I had such a sappy moment when Laiken and Jack were in the bath tub the other night. I was telling Trey how tired I was from running around. He said it will get better. I told him no it wouldn't because it would only get worse as they get older. Just wait until they all are involved in extra stuff. Then I told him that one day we will be old and gray looking at each other wondering when our kids grew up and moved away. Like the Trace Atkins song "your gonna miss this".
Tonight around bedtime Laiken wanted juice and I said how about some water, Laiken said, "say juice". I was so proud of her today, she put together a hopscotch puzzle. She has played with it a lot but this was the first time she put it together by herself. She was so proud. Then a few minutes later Jack had discovered her puzzle and decided he wanted to play with it. Of course she screamed, "my pieces, my pieces!! Jack's got my pieces, he's tear them up!!" So for all of you that watch UFC... She runs at Jack and TKO'd him with a flying knee to the face. Trey asked what did Jack do then. I said he did what anyone hit with a flying knee would do. He collapsed and screamed! It was really bad. She grabbed him and kissed his head and said sorry about 10 times (probably cause she knew she was in trouble).
I haven't blogged in a while (Brian must be busy too. lol) so I'm trying to think of the moments worth sharing.... I remember earlier in the week how Laiken used to play the "I drop it, you pick it up" game with anyone who would play with her. A little boy in the walmart checkout line picked up her rattle and handed it to her. She was around 9 or 10 months and he was about 7. After the third or fourth time she dropped it, he told his dad I think she's doing it on purpose. Of course she was. That is Jack's favorite game now. But the funny part is that Laiken is a born picker upper. She doesn't mind if he drops it 500 times. She picks it up each time and gives it back. It's as if they were destined to find each other. One to drop and one to pick up....

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