Friday, October 8, 2010

We have moved....AGAIN!

We have moved again. Instead of moving somewhere unfamiliar, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to move back home. We are in Southaven, MS. Everyone is adjusting wonderfully to this move because we are so excited to be able to spend more time with my family. I have to say that I completely enjoy seeing my Mom and my sisters everyday. I am excited about the opportunity to reconnect with people I should have stayed in contact with over the years. The kids love having their cousins close by. Poor Trey is the only one who is not entirely happy. He is working at Valero in Memphis. The job is very unorganized and poorly supervised. He is hoping it will get better, but is not very confident it will. He will probably be transferred to Texas soon. He wanted us to move here so I could have help from family when baby #4 arrives in March. I understand and agree, but I hate for him to leave. We have signed a year lease, so at least I have stability for one year. After that, who knows where we will move next. I didn't have any pictures to post about our move, although Trey did take a cute pic of our Uhaul with a trailer and his truck and my durango with a dolly and the Acura. We had a convoy getting here with all of our stuff plus our vehicles. :) I will try to post that picture later. So the "kids in Daddy's work boots" picture was just a bonus.

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