Friday, October 22, 2010


This week I am so thankful for Little Belles and Bows, my hairbow making business. I love what I do. Business has really picked up since I have moved to Southaven. I am expecting it to get better and better as the year closes, and to be exceptionally good in the following year. Some customers have requested AL "roll tide" bows, which prompted a search for the perfect ribbon. Well, I found it, along with almost any other team you could think of. New bows are always exciting to me. And I am thankful for Riverkings Hockey games. I am looking forward to making memories with my kids at some of the games this year. And of course, bonding with my fav sis Leigh!!
I am so thankful for the restaurant "On The Border". On an impulse we went there to eat last night. The food was amazing. The white cheese dip was to die for. The kids started out rocky, maybe they were just really hungry, but they settled down fast when the chips and dip came out. They were completely pleasant the rest of the meal. It was a nice evening, perfect ending for the crazy day I had.
And I have to throw in that Trey is very thankful for new work boots. His boots blew out at work and had holes in the soles. Isn't that a kenny chesney song? Well, he didn't get a vacation like the song says, he got new boots and was sent back to work this morning. Haha. Don't feel bad for him though, he is like a girl when it comes to shoes. He loves new shoes. I am sure he has more pairs of shoes than I do.
Today Direct TV is coming to install our satellite. So next Friday, I am pretty sure I will be thankful for the sprout channel, disney channel, or nick Jr. For all those parents who don't believe in tv, I feel sorry for them. I need an hour or two in my day where the kids actually sit still for a minute. :)
Have a happy Friday!

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  1. I SOOOOO believe in TV!! Well for Hayden atleast, but Abigail will only stop for about 5 seconds to watch something.