Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I went to the Riverkings opening game this past Saturday with Leigh. It was like old times when we had season tickets. I loved it! We danced, we laughed, we yelled, and we ate BBQ nachos! And I am pretty sure Baby Walker is a big fan of hockey b/c he/she moved the whole game! :)
Speaking of Baby Walker, I am going to be 20 weeks pregnant this Friday. Halfway, so its all downhill from here, right? HaHa, wouldn't that be nice.
We have been in the new house for a few weeks. I have met most of my neighbors. In the house to my right, lives a couple with a new baby and their brother. She is a nurse and he was recently laid off so he is a stay at home daddy. ( a reflection of today's economy) They are very nice people. In the house to the left, a couple with no kids. The husband has a race car on 22' he is instantly a friend to Trey. They even bonded last night over carburetors, cams, and rims! lol His wife is really sweet. They both always speak to us and talk to the kids too. Across the street is a lady with her daughters. She has a girl in the 4th grade at the same school as Dylan and she was very helpful with the bus, trash pick times, and mail times. And finally, across the street and to the left is a sweet older lady who seems to live alone. She watches her grandson on the weekends. And bless her heart, I know every neighborhood has one, but she is "busy". If you need to know about anything or anyone in the neighbor hood, she is your go to gal. At our first meeting the other night, she walked over to introduce herself and basically everyone else. I was informed about who fusses over property lines, why the neighbor's brother lives with him, and who keeps their yard up and who doesn't. But she really is a sweet lady, last night she brought the kids Disney Halloween pumpkins and bags for trick or treating, and gave us pumpkin lights to hang up outside. Its a nice neighborhood, maybe we will get to stay awhile and enjoy it!


  1. Looks like Leigh was having a good time! And I love those "busy" neighbors, they're the best...we have a couple of those!

  2. Aww, I miss Leigh! That's awesome that you have such friendly neighbors.

  3. I love the pic of you and Leigh. Tell her I miss her and hope to see her in a couple of weeks when we come down. I also love, love the pic of you and your baby belly. Can't wait to rub it:) You are always a cute prego. Love ya!