Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Carving Jack O' Lanterns with Lisa, Jason, Blayne, Savana, and Leigh.
Jack is loving the pumpkin guts! Heck, he loves anything messy.
Leigh's werewolf pumpkin. This is the one I carved! A big thanks to Leigh for getting the guts out, because I hate that part!
Hard to see all of them, but first is Jack's, pirate skull and crossbones, next is Dylan's scary sculls (he carved all be himself), Leigh's werewolf, Blayne's scary face, Trey's bat, Laiken's kitten in a boot, and Jason's/Savana's spooky letters (with all of the initials of each family member).
Our pumpkins on our front porch. The only picture missing is the one of Savana with pumpkin guts. She hated them. A picture would not have done it justice, a video would have been perfect. When Jason handed them to her, she jumped up and down and screamed and squealed. It was definitely priceless! What an awesome night! I can't wait for trick or treating this weekend with my blue fairy, pirate, and giant hot dog!

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