Friday, October 15, 2010


Okay, I know that I do not have an actual job, so it may be unfair when I say Thank Goodness Its Friday! But it is common knowledge that the weekends are more fun, whether you are a stay at home mom or a 9-5'er. So hello weekend it is so nice to see you. And the best alarm clocks (other than the kids getting up first). I am going to start a new regular Friday post on my blog dedicated to the things I am thankful for. Life can get so busy and routine that we often don't take time to appreciate the things we are lucky to have in our lives. Since this is the first "things I am Thankful for" post, I will start with the obvious. I am so thankful for my family. I have a very loving, wonderful husband. Trey works hard for us every day to give us everything we want and need. I appreciate all of the sacrifices he makes to provide for our family. He never complains about the long hours, hard work, heat, or travel that comes with his job. (Well, he did complain a little about the snow and -40 degree temperature in Wyoming, but who wouldn't.) He is a great husband and a wonderful daddy! He is my best friend and I look forward to a lifetime of making memories with him.
Among all of the craziness and chaos, I am very thankful for my children. They are the reason for everything I do in my life. I try hard to be a good example, and I know that I am not perfect all the time. And Lord knows my little angels are not perfect all of the time either, but they are mine. And they are close enough to perfect for me!!!!
And this Little One here...although completely unexpected and with the absolute fear brought on by the thought of his/her arrival into my already chaotic life.... I am very thankful for this baby too! So many women right now in this world are wishing and hoping for the opportunity to have a child and are unable to. This baby was conceived in love and will be raised with the love of our family. A baby is a true gift from God.
And a few smaller things to be thankful for:
1. The garbage man, who picks up across the street before getting to my side of the street. In case I forget to put it out Friday morning, I have about 2 minutes warning that he is coming to rush my garbage can to the side of the road.
2. The firemen, who came by Tuesday to test the fire hydrant in front of our house. The kids were completely amazed to watch two firemen open the hydrant and let gallons of water explode onto the road like a rushing river. And for the driver, who noticed his excited spectators and flashed the firetruck lights and blasted the sirens just for them. He was the hero of the day.
3.And finally, for the month of October/Halloween. It gave me an excuse to buy a $10.00 bag of chocolate from Sam's!
Happy Friday to All!!!

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  1. Sweet post! I love your wedding picture. You look gorgeous and so, so happy (and seeing those daisies makes me smile). I can't wait to see your baby bump! Have a great weekend and we'll try to get together soon so I can meet the whole fam.