Thursday, September 16, 2010

A visit to preschool

Laiken was the line leader on Wednesday. I was invited to come to her class and read a book to the children. Jack and I came to her classroom at 11:00. We read a book, passed out stickers, and joined Laiken for lunch in the cafeteria. I read a book about a garbage truck. It was a really silly book about a stinky garbage truck. The kids loved it! They were so loud and so animated for every page. When it was time for stickers, I was completely swarmed by 4 and 5 yr olds like I was passing out hundred dollar bills to grown ups. It was chaotic to say the least. Next we were lined up to go to lunch in the cafeteria. Jack was beaming with excitement when he carried his lunch tray from the lunchline to the table. Laiken was so sweet. She was so proud to have us eat lunch with her. The kids had a blast playing with Jack at lunch. It was really loud. There was alot of shouting and it was quite difficult to keep Jack in his seat (which led to wandering preschoolers too). After lunch the kids went outside to play for about 10 minutes. The teacher invited me and Jack to join them. He took off for the playground with the kids just like he was part of the class. When playtime was over he lined up in line with the kids. He was a pro at preschool. Laiken was very sweet. At first she asked me not to leave, but then when they lined up she waved and screamed bye to me. I was glad she did not get upset when we left. It is easier to leave her there when I know she is happy. And she is very happy at her school. Later at home, me and Jack were getting ready for a nap and he was still talking about his day at preschool. The last thing he said before falling asleep,, "The kids at Nanny's school are soooo big." It was definitely a fun day. Preschool was certainly interesting and not for the weak. Whatever they pay preschool teachers and is not enough!!!!

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