Monday, September 13, 2010

Aren't they the cutest kids?

I have learned to make puppy bows. Yes, Max is a boy, but he just looks so darn cute with a bow. This picture expresses his enthusiasm about bows.
Laiken went to a two day cheer camp with the Pauls Valley Varsity Cheerleaders and performed at half time at the first football game. It was adorable and she has been cheering non stop since then.
Jack, oh my precious Jack. He has learned a new word. It has four letters and starts with "s" and ends with a "t". Needless to say, we are working really hard on erasing that word from Jack's vocabulary (and mine too)!!! On a softer note, whenever I talk to Jack about the new baby coming, he raises my shirt over my stomach and kisses my belly.
I emailed about 10 pictures to my mom this past week, and she brought it to my attention that none of the pics were of Dylan. He is not involved in any sports or extra activities. He does not do anything crazy/silly/adorable like Jack. The older kids really do get forgotten when it comes to pictures. I vow to take more pics of Dylan, and also more random pics of the kids (not just when something important is happening). Dylan is doing really well in school. He is finishing more of his work on time and staying in his seat more. He has adjusted to the move better than we could have expected. He does not communicate much with his mom, despite the fact he has his own cell phone, but he surprisingly seems ok with that too. Everything seems to be going well with him.
Everything is fine with me and the baby. I will be 15 weeks this Friday. Time sure does fly by. Trey is working 7 days a week for the next few weeks and this job should be wrapping up by the first of October. We are still not sure what is in store for us next or where we will be moving, but I believe everything happens for a reason. We will be happy wherever we go, as long as we are together.

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