Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new words and phrases

Jack is starting to say so many new things. We were at the playground at Chik-fil-a and he asked "where the shoes go". Just this week he started saying "I hungry" and "I thirsty". Amazing. Funny to me that those two phrases followed "I Mad" which he has been saying for weeks! He also says "I did it" and "I get it", which I love. I want my kids to be super independent. I hope I am doing a good job to give that gift to them. He also tells others to "sit down", usually at the table when it is time to eat. I am so proud of my little Jack. He is growing up so fast. Laiken has a few new phrases too, but they include words like "freakin" and "this is your last warning" and of course " are you listening to me". She is such a sweet little girl. I need to watch how I talk to her, she will tell on me. Well, at least she does not use fowl language. (although I was really embarrassed when she said freakin) Jack's newest obsession is hot wheels cars. He carries around 3 or 4 at all times. He sleeps with them and takes them everywhere we go. It is really cute. Laiken got a new pack of big girl panties on Saturday. She has been carrying them around ever since. I convinced her to please put them in her drawer. The next thing I know she is looking a little thick in the hip area. Oh yes, she put on every pair, thinking that was better than carrying them all around. She is relentless. When it comes to clothes, pajamas, panties, and dress up dresses, I just have to choose my battles carefully. Mostly I just let it go, so she changes 5 or 6 times a day. Oh well, it could be worse!

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