Saturday, October 3, 2009

flu shots!!!!!!!!!

Today was Flu Fair at our doctor's office. Fair? Are they serious? So I unloaded all 3 kids out of the car, and had to carry an overly dramatic Laiken in (she overheard that we were there for shots!). I was met at the door with clipboards full of paperwork. And greeted at the next door by another nurse and coordinators giving directions. Laiken is just before crying the whole time. And just in case she was not completely sure if we were there for shots...They were giving them in mass quantities to adults in the lobby. They were really having a fair! Booths set up everywhere with all the necessary supplies right out on the table! It was very efficient and set up well. So well, for anyone who knows me at all, by breathing got shallow and it was hard to swallow. I have a phobia of needles. Since having been pregnant twice, I am making progress in that area of my life. I no longer cry and hyperventilate at the sight of needles anymore. Just gets hard to breathe. I know. Big Baby. So I hand the nurse at the pediatric booth our paperwork. She said "mama first". Oh that was unexpected..getting hard to take a breath in...So I sat down and put on my brave face. And managed to hold it together for the kids. I know, I know. So then she says, we do kids in the back. Of course you do, you wouldn't want any small children, elderly, or weak at heart to see the ginormous fit Laiken is about to throw. So the nurse takes us to a table just behind the door. Who's first? I picked Dylan so that MAYBE Laiken would see him not cry and gain an ounce of bravery. NOPE...I picked her up kicking and screaming! The doctor, the nurse, and myself had to physically restrain her. She screamed and screamed. I couldn't even assist with Jack for his turn or comfort him afterwards, b/c Laiken is still screaming. He only cried for a few seconds and the nurse strapped him back in the stroller. I asked the doctor if maybe Laiken could have a sucker, over her screams of course. She stopped just long enough to pick out the sucker, and to eat it on the way to the car and in the car. When the sucker was gone, she grabbed her leg and screamed again. We went to have the car washed, thinking that might cheer her up. She screamed the whole time. We got out for them to vacuum and wipe down the inside and she still screamed. Finally about an hour after the shot she quit screaming. She just whined and held her leg. She limped and whined for a few more hours. Finally, sometime after lunch, she recovered. My only question is....WHO is going to take her to get her 2 swine flu shots in November?! Any volunteers????

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