Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct 17th...Annie's Birthday Party

October 17th Our good friend Jennifer, here in Denham Springs, was throwing a birthday party for her oldest daughter Annie. They have only lived here a short time and wanted to have her party in Monroe, where they used to live. So we went to north LA to celebrate with them. Dylan was out of school on Friday and decided to go to his Mom's Thursday night so he could spend an extra day with them. Highlights from that weekend are my speeding ticket and the party. The speeding ticket was for 59 in a 45. But in my defense it was a highway where the speed changes constantly from 65 to 55 to 45 to 55 to 65....and so on forever. Well, I just missed the last change from 55 to 45, but I should have known it was 45 through town. The only problem with that is I didn't notice the town. He said, "You were going 59 in a 45." I said, "It's 45 here!?" He said, "No, in town it is 45." Oh, what town. I didn't see a town. That is what I thought. I was careful what I said. I was hoping for a warning. No such luck. But I was lucky that I did not get a ticket for my illegal tint, and he is going to change my ticket to a non moving violation when he submits it to the state so it will not be on my record or change my insurance. Sounds shady right? Well I asked around, and apparently they can do that in the great state of Louisiana. Annie's party was awesome. It was a Halloween theme. Jennifer really went all out! (Between Lil's party for Abigail and this one...mine are looking kinda boring...we need to step it up in 2010! lol) She had a costume contest, in which Laiken won prettiest and Jack won spookiest. Laiken was a ballerina and Jack was a triceratops. There was a bean bag toss and a dart game. She even had bobbing for apples. The stems were left on because the "bobbers" were mostly small children. Laiken and Jack both got apples. It was so cute to see them come up with apples dangling from their mouths. She had a pinata for the last game. It only took a few whacks by the little boys and candy covered the ground. Annie was so cute opening her presents. She was so happy and excited about each and every present. It a great day for everyone.

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