Tuesday, September 8, 2009

everyday fun!!

Jack has a new phrase "ah stuck!" He is a smart cookie too, b/c he uses his new phrase in the booster seat, car seat, and stroller. He is not so much stuck, as he is strapped in! But it is still adorable when he screams it. Yesterday walking into Sam's, Laiken was calling my name "mama, mama, mama". The greeter/card checker lady at the door was a grungy looking old lady that was mocking her "mama, mama, mama" and said "that's my mama" as we walked by. My little Laiken, bless her little heart, frowned at the lady. And like a grown up, she waited until we passed the woman...and with a disgusted look she said to me (with the proper amount of attitude and some snobbiness) "we do NOT need her help!" How dare that lady talk to us... the nerve! Haha it was priceless! She is definitely going to be a handful. Probably my fault, I remember saying to Lisa and Mama in my living room a few months ago, "Princesses don't get spankings!" Which Laiken repeated with the same attitude, as if on cue. Mama said I will eat those words one day. Probably so. Tonight was our second soccer game. Dylan did an amazing job! He is definitely the best on our team. The last game he had a problem with getting hurt alot. He was carried off the field in a crumpled mess about 6 times. Before tonight's game, Daddy gave him a little pep talk. He explained the difference between hurt and an injury. And just to be sure he understood...Trey told him that if he was carried off the field for no reason, that we would go home. It worked b/c Dylan was so tough tonight. It really let people see what an amazing athlete he can be when there is no distracting drama. He even seemed to enjoy it more! He was knocked down by one kid and halfway stepped on by another and still jumped up and went after the ball. It was so much fun tonight. During the game, Laiken and Jack were bribed with suckers to stay still. Jack remained "ah stuck" in the stroller for most of the game. Finally, the last ten minutes I let him out. And he seized the first opportunity he had to run on the field during the game while I wasn't looking. Good thing some lady was watching and saved him from being trampled, just as I noticed he was missing. And right after that Laiken and Jack were playing on the next field, which was empty, in the goal. Harmless I thought. So I was watching Dylan play again. Laiken got tangled in the net and was rescued by a lady who was jogging on a track around the fields. So I definitely was not looking to get a mom award tonight. Nothing like both your kids being rescued by total strangers to remind you not to take your eyes off of them, not even for a second!

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