Saturday, September 12, 2009

growing up way too fast!

Jack sleeps in a playpen, instead of his toddler bed...(see previous post Thurs, July 16th "I WIN"). Well, score is Mama 1-Jack 1. Tonight, he got out! Yep, he climbed right out. What will keep him in the bed now? Don't ask me, I am wondering that myself!
Laiken surprised me in Wal-Mart tonight. As we were walking around, she is telling me that she is thirsty and wants a drink. I told her we will go to sonic next (only b/c I wanted a big fountain coke). She said "No, I want it here. I know the lady has some." I said, "What lady?" She said, "The lady at the pretzel place has lemonades!" Man, she remembered a few months ago when we were waiting for a prescription, I took her and Jack over to the Auntie Ann's in the front Wal-Mart and got them a lemonade to share. She is so smart. And starting to remember everything and everywhere we go!
I love my babies!!!

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