Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love my computer!!

They say you never know how much you need something until it is gone. That is the absolute truth. My computer hard drive crashed, and I was forced to live a long, long week without it! How did people ever get along without them??? How did I ever get so addicted to it??? lol. School has started again. Wow, almost forgot how much I hate homework and how difficult an hour can be! Soccer also started. The coach said Dylan is an outstanding soccer player even though he has never played before. He is a natural athlete. He would be outstanding if his heart equalled his ability. On somedays it does, maybe soon it will every practice and game. Maybe. He has so many wonderful opportunities available to him, I wish he could see them too. Jack sees his...He sees no fences and nothing to stop him from running free. Practice for me consists of chasing Jack. I did not realize he has never been in a wide open space with no boundaries. Usually there is a park or playground or something to keep his attention. Not anything like multiple soccer fields. He just laughs and runs away as far as he can. I always call to him (and pray) he will come back, but he doesn't. He doesn't even look back. Maybe I should request the doctor to check his hearing next time we go in... maybe he does not hear me....nah, he always comes to me, no matter where he is, if I say eat or tea! He probably can hear me. Laiken loves practice, but she just loves being outside no matter what we are doing. Except for the bugs. She lets out blood curdling screams if she thinks one might get on her. She doesn't like any type of bug. I could not even get her to hold a ladybug today. Trey leaves for Wyoming on Sunday. I have really enjoyed being here with him. I know we made the right decision by moving here. I am only afraid that we are so used to seeing him and hugging and kissing him everyday, that this will be a really hard, really long 3 months. Maybe it will pass quickly if we are busy enough.

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