Friday, November 28, 2008

The Boss...

Laiken is so adorably bossy. Jake, the kids 10 yr. old cousin, came over to play with Dylan. Coming from Dylan's bedroom he picked up Jack in the hallway and brought him in the den where Laiken was watching TV. Laiken saw him carrying Jack and said "That's mama's Jack. Put him down." Jake started swinging him around. Laiken said " Don't swing him like that, put him down, that's mama's Jack!" "Stop messing with him" So next Dylan and Jake walked in to my bathroom to get clean towels and washrags, with Laiken following them saying " That's mama's room, get out. That's mama's." She is so protective, like a little chihuahua. Tonight she went into her room and got her own pajamas out. All by her self, she took off the shirt she was wearing and put on her pajama pants and shirt. It was luck that she got them on without being backwards, but I was still completely amazed she did it alone. She is so smart. Right before bed she was playing with her Lego's and built a really tall tower. She said "look a mountain". Too cute! Jack, bless his heart, he has finally started sleeping through the night in his own bed. It only took a year for me to get to sleep through the night again!! Thank goodness!! He is officially the world's best baby now. Today he completely melted my heart, I wish I would have had the video camera out. I was sitting in front of the computer holding Jack, Trey came in and asked Jack, "are you daddy's baby?" Jack looked up at me, and plain as day said, "Mama" It was wonderful. I love him so much.

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