Friday, November 28, 2008

He Survived!!

Trey had an amazing time at the game. He was teased a little. All day he was called Tiger Bait. And he heard "Go to Hell Ole Miss" all day. The Rebels beat the pants off the Tigers in Death Valley 31 to 13. His supervisor was disgusted by the game and made them all leave with three minutes to go. Trey said it definitely was one of the most memorable days of his life. He was lucky enough to get two weeks off to come home and spend some time with us. The next job will only be 4 10hour days, so he will be able to come home thurs nights and go back on sundays. That will be so nice to have him home more. We have had a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving. Trey and Ryan made a smoker out of a grill and an old army cabinet. I laughed when I saw them start, but the finished product was truly amazing. They are so smart when they make things like that from junk they have lying around. The smoker even had an attached thermometer to measure the inside temperature. They smoked two whole chickens and the turkey. It was the most delicious meat I have ever eaten. I think Jack ate his weight in turkey on Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time at Ryan and Jody's. We stayed all day, except for a three hour break for me and the babies to take a nap. There was so much food that everyone came back for supper and still had enough to take plates home. It was excessive, but wonderful. I think the kids had a good Thanksgiving also. Thurs morning Dylan went to Ryan's with Trey to finish smoking the turkey and get the food ready. Then they practiced shooting their bows. Dylan really enjoys getting to hang out with the "guys" and do the things they do. Or at least just the things they will let him do. Laiken and Jack helped me make desert and rolls. And while Jack squeezed in a quick morning nap, Laiken and I made a turkey with a plastic cup, a piece of yarn, and construction paper. When you pull on the yarn the turkey makes a gobble type noise. It was really cute. When we got to Ryan's, they played in the front yard practically all day. They played with footballs, jump ropes, dump trucks, and the wagon. It was great. It was really a fun day for everyone.

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