Saturday, November 22, 2008

He must be crazy!!

All of my blogs are about my kids... If Trey lived here there would be more about him. He makes me laugh as much as they do. (Maybe that's why I love him so much) Today he has the privilage of joining his superintendent at the Ole Miss vs LSU game. He has never been to a college football game. He is very excited to say the least. The company he works for, Turner Industries, has season tickets available for the Bosses. The seats are on the fifty yard line and pretty close I think. From what Trey says, they are incredible seats. The company has a huge tailgating party that starts early the morning of the game. The guys have messed with him all season because he's the only ole miss fan on the job. The job is in Baton Rouge, most of the guys are from LA and are all die hard LSU fans. Trey said the supervisor even has LSU crocks. Too funny. There is even a bet between the two. If ole miss loses Trey has to dye Lsu in the back of his head, if they win the super has to dye ole miss in the back of his. Grown men....So Trey being Trey, most of you know my husband well, I think his favorite saying is " I don't give a f*** what they think!!" (can't count how many times I've heard that) He is determined to wear Ole Miss gear to the LSU game, to sit on the LSU side and cheer on the rebels, maybe even close enough to the players where they can throw things at his bright red shirt. He went on the hunt for anything ole miss in Baton Rouge, no luck, not one shirt. So he bought a super thick, nice red hoodie sweatshirt and had the ole miss logo put on it at a monogram shop. So picture Trey at the game wearing red among a sea of purple and gold. I have heard stories about fans at tiger stadium, that they are fanatical like no other fans. Daddy called Trey Thurs night to talk to him one last time before he gets killed, a friend of Mama's said one word when he heard the story, "Suicide". I asked Trey what will he do when people taunt him. He said nothing its all in fun. I said what about if someone throws a beer at you from a few rows up??? He said he'd bust his nose. Great, I said. I hope his super likes him well enough to bail him out of jail. Also, second story. I have been blessed to have two of the funniest brothers ever known to man. Both tell the greatest stories and just say the funniest things. Brandon sent Trey a birthday card, which he does claim to be the greatest card in the history of all cards ever given. I almost fell out of my car when I saw the return address on the enevelope. It reflects the Mississippi State and Ole Miss rivalry between Trey and both my brothers. It says... Coach Croop Starkvegas, MS God's Country, USA Trey will be here Sun. morning, I can't wait til he sees it!!!! And I can't wait to read the world's greatest card.


  1. Hi,
    This is Rhonda, I talked to Lil yesterday and she told me about your blog. I wanted to see what you have been up to the last few years. Your kids are adorable! I can't believe that you have three. We have one boy, a 3 year old, Denton. He is such a mess. E-mail me sometime so we can catch up.

  2. Trey really does not understand how things are in Baton Rouge. It is lucky he is alive.