Tuesday, December 9, 2008

first trip to the dentist

Today was Laiken's first trip to the dentist. She was so good. She climbed up in the big chair and waited patiently for her turn. She let them brush her teeth with no problems. Because she is so young, all they did was brush her teeth with a toothpaste/flouride combo. Then the dentist came in and she opened her mouth really wide and let him look at and touch her teeth. No cavities!! She was such a big girl. She was not scared at all. I am so proud of my little girl. Jack has started walking more and more. Laiken still pushes him away from things she is playing with, and sometimes pushes him down. Won't be long and he'll be pushing back. She is always begging him to come into their room and play with her. She comes in and tells me "Jack wants to play in the room" Soon he'll be running around with her. I may be crazy but I can't wait. They are so cute playing together. They love each other so much.

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