Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let's go to the zoo!!

Today we went to the zoo. We had a truly wonderful day! The zoo itself is very small. There area only about 15-20 animals in the whole place. But the exhibits themselves are really nice. (nothing compared to the Memphis Zoo of course) but nice for Hattiesburg. The zoo membership I purchased has already paid for itself. The biggest plus about the zoo is the humongous park next to it. I decided last night that we would go today. Everyone woke up in a good mood, surprisingly. So we got ready, packed a pinic and took off! The weather forcast said it would be mid fifties, but it wasn't. It stayed mid forties most of the day. So I thought we wouldn't see many animals because of the cold. I was wrong, most were out more than usual. The best one was the jaguar. He was pacing right in front of the fence on the side of his exhibit. The front of the exhibit is glass and big fake rocks. We came up to the fence and watched him pace so he started pacing in front of the glass too. It was really neat to see him so close. Dylan stood on the rocks in front of the glass to get a close close look. The jaguar walked up to the glass where Dylan was standing and peed on it. It was so so funny. Good thing he didn't do it when Dylan was standing by the fence, that could have been nasty. (Lil why does bad stuff like that happen to us at the zoo?? The gorilla assaulting you, the crocadile that came for Jack?? Now the jaguar and Dylan??) Next after the animals, we took a train ride around the zoo. Laiken loves it. She squeals and laughs and yells "toot toot" the whole time. She waves to anyone she sees. It is so funny, each ride is as if she is riding for the first time in her life. Amazing! After the train, we had the sweetest picnic lunch. They all were eating, no fussing or picking stuff off sandwiches. All was wonderful, til Laiken fell off the picnic bench. Lunch was over for her after that. After lunch, we played on the playground. Finally the sun came out and it warmed up to 57 degrees. We stayed at the swings for about an hour. It was a perfect day.

And as if I had not had enough perfect, I took them to ride around and look at Christmas lights. They are few and far between out here, but the ones who do put them up go ALL out. It was really nice. Once we got home, perfect was over. They were tired from the long day of perfectness and were starting to get nuts. So Jack was first at 7:50 (he didn't even fuss, just turned over and snuggled his pillow), Laiken was next at 8:30 ( she was not as happy as I was that she was next), and last Dylan (9:00). I love bedtime. :)

I am about to get back to perfectness and watch a movie and eat chips and dip. ALONE. Perfect!

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