Thursday, August 25, 2011


I told Jack to get in the bath, and he did. When I came to check on him a few minutes later...he looked like this.
My Jack hates vegetables. Really, he hates them. He does not eat any. Not one. So today I made spaghetti for lunch, it's his favorite. While I was making it, I had a great idea to add in a little extras. 1 squash baby food, 1 green pea, and 1 green bean. HOORAY for hidden veggies! Jack gobbled up every bite! (The best part is that you could not taste the extras at all. Really, it may have been my best spaghetti ever.) Quick, I need 10 more Italian "saucy" recipes!
Jack loves Brynley. Sometimes he loves her so much that I have to keep a close eye on him, for Brynley's sake.

His newest obsession: Wearing more than one pair of pants to bed. This was the first night he did it. He is telling me that he has 2 pants on. Not sure where this one came from. We are up to 3 pairs a night now. And yes, all at once, over each other. A phrase from my wise mother comes to mind, "Pick your battles." Yep, this one is not worth waging a war."You dressed yourself, Yay! Goodnight, Sleeptight Son."
Another conversation heard between Laiken and Jack this morning.
L: Mama, there is a mosquito in the truck! Get it out! Mama, don't let it bite Brynley, she will scream!!! Oh no, Where did it go??? Jack! Jack! Is there a mosquito back there???
J:A bosquito??
L:A Mosquito.
J:A big bosquito or a little one?
J:One that bites and sucks out your blood??
L:Do you see one?
J:(looks around) Uhhhh, No.
I haven't blogged in so long. I have so much to catch up on. I am going to try a few times a week to upload pics from all of the events that have happened lately. I am also going to highlight each child in between pictures. Jack cracks me up all the time, so I started with him.

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