Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lessons on Life

Some of the best conversations can be heard at the dinner table. We talk about everything under the sun. Last week was VBS and we talked alot about Jesus and Heaven. Tonight, while cooking supper, the kids were coloring at the table. They were all making star charts, which they learned from me. I always have rule lists and reward charts. Dylan was making his chart and announcing names when he was writing them. Laiken and Jack start screaming about which color they want their name in. So both little ones are screaming what they want to Dylan, who is doing his best to sort out requests and make them happy. Dylan: Okay, I am writing Jack's name. Jack: I want green! I want green! I want green! Laiken: I want pink! I want pink! I want pink! Laiken and Jack: I want green! I want pink! Dylan: Okay, Okay One at a time! Me: WOW! ISN'T HARD TO HEAR EVERYONE YELLING WHAT THEY WANT ALL AT ONE TIME? Dylan just grinned. Dylan:I am going to make red stars by my name. Jack: I want blue stars. Laiken: I want pink stars. Me:Supper is almost ready. Dylan: I am just going to make yellow stars for everyone. Me:ISN'T IT HARD TO ALWAYS DO WHAT EVERYONE WANTS? Laiken and Jack: Awwww I wanted blue. I wanted pink. Dylan:It's almost time to eat! It's faster this way. They are all going to be yellow! Me: SOMETIMES IT IS JUST FASTER AND EASIER TO TELL EVERYONE WHAT WE ARE HAVING OR DOING RATHER THAN LETTING EVERYONE CHOOSE. Dylan:I don't know how you do it. And for anyone who knows Dylan.... The other day I told him that I cannot wait until he has kids. He asked why. I said because you feel you are so oppressed and never get to do or have anything you want. And you will let your kids do WHATEVER they want and you will let them eat WHATEVER they want. And one day you will come to me crying (in my best crying, whining voice) and say, "Mama, my kids are so bad!! I don' t know what to do!" And I will smile and say, "Give them rules, boundaries, structure, and routine like I gave you. And cut back on the sugar, it makes kids crazy." He laughed! I hope he proves me wrong one day. I hope he understands it all.

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  1. You're such a good mom! I just love hearing your stories.