Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ready for Spring!

Monday morning Laiken and Dylan went to the dentist for their 6 month cleaning. Laiken was such a big girl. She went back with the hygenist all by herself. She did not ask me to come and was not at all worried that I wasn't. I would love to say I was entirely pleased at how grown up she was. And how wonderful that she felt like she didn't need me. (Tear...) But I was sad. I am sad that my little baby is growing up so quickly! The sadness lasted a few minutes, and I realized that it was a good thing that she is so independent and secure with herself that she is able to start having moments where she does not need me. I am so proud of her and her self confidence and maturity. (Tear...) She may not always need me, but I will always be there (waiting) just in case she does. Plus No Cavities for both kids!!!!
Last Monday was also supposed to be our first baseball practice, but the rain started early that day to rain it out. Dylan was disappointed, but we made the most of the rainout by going to the batting cages again. This time there were fewer kids there and Dylan was able to practice a little more. I was allowed to take Laiken and Jack into a seperate fenced in area and throw a softer, rubber ball to them. It was great for keeping them occupied and they loved feeling like the big kids. It turned out to be a great night.
Sometime while running errands last week, Laiken said to me, "When my Daddy comes back home like that, I don't want him to leave like that ever again! I love him so much!" It was really sweet. She know her Daddy is working out of town. She may not know exactly what that means, but I believe she understands that he loves her and is coming home soon. We have 14 days left from today. It seems so short, but so long at the same time. Jack has been potty training this week. He is 100% with no accidents....when he is naked. Yes, you read that right. When he is left naked, stark naked, running around the apartment, enjoying his nakedness.....he is flawlessly potty trained. When he is in a pull up, he wets it. Hmmmm....It does not make me uncomfortable for him to be naked, but its just not right! :) I need to find a middle ground. I think we will try strictly big boy underwear this week, mixed with some time spent naked. This should be an interesting week. Saturday we painted clay flower pots and bought flowers at Home Depot to plant in them. It will be interesting to see how long it will be before I kill them. I love flowers and potted plants, but I have not had much luck before in caring for them. The kids had a great time planting their flowers. We also played at the park for little bit and we played wii some too. Laiken has finally learned to bowl. She is so excited to be able to play with us now. Sunday was Dylan's 9th birthday. We celebrated some for him today, but his party will be on the 28th when Trey comes home. We went to the park and played. We went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream cones and so Dylan could pick out his ice cream cake for his party. He picked Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate icing. WOW! And I am telling you, it looked delicious! I can't wait to eat it! Last, we went to the library. We checked out some books, played computer games, and Jack took a nap. It was a great weekend. I love hanging out with my kids!

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  1. Your kids just keep getting cuter! Happy Birthday to Dylan!