Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom!

Trey was supposed to come home this Sunday, and we were all SO SO SO excited. Well, the date was changed again yesterday at noon. I told him to not tell me the next date because I cannot take the stress of getting excited and being let down repeatedly. I asked him to just call me when he has loaded up all of his stuff and is actually driving home to us! We are pretty disappointed. I am the most, I believe. The little ones have no concept of time, and Dylan's understanding of it is not fully formed yet. He mostly understands time, but just this morning he asked me if it was Thursdsay yet. Which is funny for so many reasons...a calendar hangs in his room, one in the kitchen, and the trash was by the door (which he takes downstairs on M, W, and F.) And he is always asking me if he is supposed to go to his mom's this weekend (which is also marked on his calendar!). Since Trey was supposed to be here for Spring Break with us and now he won't be, Dylan has asked to go to his mom's for the week. She works during the week, and has trouble getting a sitter for him on days when he is out of school. So he will probably spend the week with us, which is fine. It will be a long week with all of the anticipation and build up from waiting on Trey to come home to us! Since Daylight Savings Time, the little ones have been sleeping in!!!! So I enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and about 45 min of news every morning! I love it. I am so completely embarrased to say (and probably shouldn't) but have not always followed or cared for current events. I know most people say how can you stand to be so ignorant about what is going on in the world. Really, it is easier than you think. I didn't realize how deep my ignorant bliss was until I had this conversation... Lacy: "Dylan brought home an extra credit question for homework. Who is Joe Biden?" Trey: "LACY!" Lacy: "What does he play football for LSU or something??" Trey: "Lacy, I am calling your mother! I cannot believe you seriously just asked me that!?" Lacy: "Well, who is he?" Trey: "The vice-president of the United States!!!" Lacy: "Damn." I knew then it had gone too far! That was earlier in the school year. I would like everyone to know that I am doing much better now. I have even followed the Health Care Bill all the way up to the signing. I watch the news briefly every morning, and sometimes I even click on the news portion of my MSN home page. I almost can't believe I just shared that story, but seriously what would life be like if we couldn't laugh at ourselves. Your cannot improve yourself if you never see what is wrong. It is our flaws, not our perfections that make us better people! This morning while watching the Today show, Jack walked up to the TV and pointed, saying "MOUSE!" And for anyone with kids...that is an easy one. He wanted to watch the "Mickey Mouse Club" instead of the news. So we did.

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  1. You crack me up! "Does he play for LSU?" Haha!

    Hopefully Trey gets home soon. I know you guys miss him so much!

    Love you!